Best Songs From Queen's Sheer Heart Attack

Another Great Album. Choose your favourite. You can add the other three songs from the album onto this list.

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1 Killer Queen

Written by Freddie Mercury.

BITES ZA DUSTO! - PerfectImpulseX

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2 Brighton Rock

1) Brighton Rock
2) Now I'm Here
3) Tenement Funster/Flick Of The Wrist/Lily Of The Valley
4) Stone Cold Crazy
5) Killer Queen
6) In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
7) In The Lap Of The Gods
8) Bring Back That Leroy Brown
9) Misfire
10) She Makes Me
11) Dear Friends

Another Queen masterpiece. An album packed with fantastic music, the like we will never hear again from anybody else.

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3 Now I'm Here

Like this comment if you want this to be number 1 - queeniifan

This should be in top 3

Should be top 3

That riff... no wonder it became a concert staple. - Gg2000

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4 Stone Cold Crazy

Killer Queen definitely deserves number 1 but I'm voting for this. Thrash metal was created with this song. Love the fast paced vocals and the solo by May is ridiculously good. Killer Queen is a close second, Now I'm Here is third but this one is probably my favourite

Killer Queen is my favorite but I’m gonna vote for this because it deserves higher.

I love this one. And the cover from Metallica is also amazing!

Sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning
I was dreaming I was Al Capone
There's a rumor going round
Gotta clear outta town
Yeah I'm smelling like a dry fish bone
Here come the law gonna break down the door
Never, never, never gonna take it any more
Gotta get away from this stone cold floor
Stone cold crazy, you know

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5 Flick of the Wrist

The whole Flick of the Wrist Medley should be Number One.

Fantastic chorus, great vocals, amazing musicianship.

This is Queen rocking out, Freddie's voice is on top form. I could listen to this song for ever.

what a power and talent, great mix of qualities

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6 In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited

Wonderful closing track of the brilliant album! More of that, it's stadium anthem with very cleverly written Mercury lyrics! Nearly as wonderful as this song is Tenement Funster! by Roger!

great 1 - PolishedRock

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7 Lily of the Valley

Those lyrics are simply amazing... and the way Freddie delivers them is equally fantastic. The quote from Brian May below may be a clue as to why he sings with such emotion here.

From the wikipedia page:
The lyrics refer back to a song from a previous album, "Seven Seas of Rhye" from Queen II, with the line "messenger from Seven Seas has flown, to tell the King of Rhye he's lost his throne."

In a 1999 interview, Brian May told the British music magazine Mojo, "Freddie's stuff was so heavily cloaked, lyrically... But you could find out, just from little insights, that a lot of his private thoughts were in there, although a lot of the more meaningful stuff was not very accessible. Lily of the Valley was utterly heartfelt. It's about looking at his girlfriend and realising that his body needed to be somewhere else. It's a great piece of art, but it's the last song that would ever be a hit."

One of the most beautiful songs ever made. Brings a chill down my spine. Freddie's voice is at his all time best here. - TopTenTed

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9 In the Lap of the Gods

Oh, I love this song... Really, all of them. I could really say this could be switched with numb 10, though.

THAT FALSETTOO! Beautiful! - DaringXx

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10 Bring Back that Leroy Brown

It should not have been #13 dude

Should have been #13

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The Contenders

11 Misfire

WHY DO PEOPLE HATE THIS SONG! I really love this song! Whithout the acoustic guitar in this THIS SONG WOULD HAVE BEAN TERIBLE!

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12 Dear Friends

A Fantastic Ballad. Freddie's voice is on top form during this track. It's short, simple but also effective. - allqueen

So underrated, this was played at Freddies funeral you know?

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13 She Makes Me UListen to Sample
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1. Killer Queen
2. Flick of the Wrist
3. In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited
1. Killer Queen
2. Stone Cold Crazy
3. Now I'm Here
1. Killer Queen
2. Brighton Rock
3. Stone Cold Crazy

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