Top Ten Songs from Shindy's "Dreams"

“Dreams” is the third solo album (fourth including the Bushido collaboration “CLA$$IC”) by German rapper and producer Shindy. It was released in 2016 and topped the German, Austrian and Swiss charts. The album was mainly produced by Shindy himself, along with Oz, Beatzarre and Djorkaeff. Featured artists are Ali Bumaye, Bushido, Rin and Laas Unltd. The latter gets a 1 minute solo song on the album. On 3 songs you can hear singer and producer Nico Santes, but he is not officially listed on the tracklist like the others.

The Top Ten

1 Family First
2 Kudamm X Knesebeck

Of course, the album starts off with the weirdest and most experimental song of all: the samples in this song is in reverse, the chorus is drawn out by feedback. It feels extremely odd at first, partly because Shindy was known for pretty light hearted music up to this point, and partly because it indeed is extremely odd - but still brilliant. - Martin_Canine

3 Hallelujah
4 Zahlen
5 Roli
6 31. Dezember
7 Statements
8 Art of War
9 Me, Myself & I
10 Heartbreak Hotel

The Contenders

11 Dreams
12 Playerhater
13 Monogramm
14 Eggs Benedict
15 Laas Abi Skit

1 minute solo song by Laas Unltd.
The beat is vers similar to that of "Zahlen", but uses a different drum kit. - Martin_Canine

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