Top Ten Songs that Should Be in Just Dance 2018

There are a couple of songs that are confirmed to be in the upcoming Just Dance 2018. Here are some others that I'd like to be in the game as well.

The Top Ten

1 We are Number One - Robbie Rotten We are Number One - Robbie Rotten

Just Dance is going down in history. - ManuelePepe

That's the song that makes just Dance great again!

This is Number One, and this is going down in history - MrCoolC

We still have Just Dance 2019 - yungstirjoey666

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2 Pokemon Theme
3 Through the Fire and Flames - DragonForce

How will that be able to work? - POWERStarz2004

4 Scream-Michael & Janet Jackson
5 Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC
6 Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? - Megadeth

Same as DragonForce - POWERStarz2004

7 Hey Jude - The Beatles
8 All Star - Smash Mouth
9 How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara

Are you kidding? Alessia Cara is terrible! The Au'li Cravaho version should be used instead.

This is the only song on the list that actually got there...
I didn't like the series anymore anyways - SpectralOwl

10 Feel It Still - Portugal. the Man

Your wish came true! - POWERStarz2004

The Contenders

11 Lose Yourself - Eminem
12 Lights - Ellie Goulding

This was already used in the 2016 one. No offense. - MissRWBY202

13 Fire - BTS
14 Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
15 The Bunny Do – Supermariologan
16 Cooking by the Book - Lazytown
17 Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse

Same as DragonForce and Megadeth - POWERStarz2004

18 Take Me Home - Cash Cash

It's amazing. Much better than that insipid mimimi song.

19 Popipo - Hatsune Miku
20 High Top Shoes - Jojo Siwa
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