Songs That Should Have Been In Guitar Hero Metallica

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1 Ride the Lightning

It has a long solo. It has good riffs. It's a difficult song to play. But since Dave Mustaine wrote part of it, I guess It couldn't of been in the game.

Best Metallica solo is not in Guitar Hero. Hmm. :/ - surgeonsanic

Looking at the setlist, this is the missing one that stood out. - HeavyMetalHero

2 The Four Horsemen

This song is perfect for guitar hero what the hell were activision thinking leaving this out, riff and solo are awesome.

I would love to have seen it in GHM but the reason it's not in the game is because Dave Mustaine was one of the writters. Same goes for Ride The Lightning and Call of Ktulu

3 Blackened
4 ...And Justice For All

kicks the asses of most of the songs they put on

5 The Day That Never Comes

it's a very great song for GH. it has very different sections and that makes it more interesting to play.

6 Damage, Inc.

I wanted this song, blackened, holier than thou, and... and justice for all and I wouldve been satisfied.

7 St. Anger
8 Harvester of Sorrow
9 The Call of Ktulu
10 The Unforgiven II

Ok if The Unforgiven is in the game and The Unforgiven I is DLC (Unless you have a Wii), why not have The Unforgiven II as either a song in the game or DLC. It doesn't make much sense!

The Contenders

11 Whiskey In The Jar

Such a good song, it's got a really good solo, really good rhythm. Really good song to be honest. Activision, why did you leave this one out?

This is one of their better short songs, I hate metallica songs where you have to wait 2 minutes before it starts

12 The God That Failed
13 Phantom Lord
14 Some Kind of Monster
15 I Disappear
16 The Frayed Ends of Sanity
17 Trapped Under Ice

I know its on Guitar Hero World Tour, but it would've been nice to have it on Guitar Hero Metallica

Didn't need to be in GHM because it was in GHWorld Tour.

"but One was in GH3"? That was before the drums and vocals were added to the game. If One wasn't in GHMetallica, it would've likely been in GHSmash Hits, and fans would've complained about it not being in GHMetallica.

It was already in World Tour, lol.

18 Until It Sleeps
19 Of Wolf and Man
20 My Friend of Misery
21 Metal Militia

I would have loved to see it in the game, but once again, it's not in the game because Dave Mustaine was one of the writers.

22 Leper Messiah
23 The Unnamed Feeling
24 No Remorse

Metallica's best song, hands down. Not including it was a crime.

25 Bleeding Me
26 Rebel of Babylon
27 Hate Train
28 Escape
29 Just a Bullet Away
30 Hell & Back
31 Suicide & Redemption

I know this song is DLC, but why couldn't it be a normal it has an epic solo... ;(

32 To Live is to Die
33 The Unforgiven III

The guitar solo in it is great in my opinion and I think that it would be fun to play

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