Top Ten Songs that Should Have Been Written About Earworms

Some earworms are a pleasure to have and keep you smiling all day; while others...? Well...others just make you want to bang your head against something that will shake living daylights from your head.
What song would you say best describes this condition? Feel free to add any you feel I've missed that should be here. Just don't blame me if any of them end up taking up unwanted residence in your head...

The Top Ten Songs that Should Have Been Written About Earworms

1 Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson
2 Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue
3 Thank You for the Music - ABBA

I am listening to this song as I write this. This song is actually an ear worm for me, and it's one I enjoy having in my head. - allamassal

4 Stuck on You - Lionel Richie
5 Leave Me Alone - Michael Jackson
6 Stay with Me - Faces

The antidote to this particularly annoying invader is "Tie Me Kangaroo Down." Course, then you're stuck with that, but anything's better than Sir Androgynous of Highgate.

Addendum: S'pose if one were really desperate, "Stay With Me" might be used to purge... (shiver)... "Maggie May." Arguably the lesser of two weevils.

7 Why Me Lord - Johnny Cash
8 I Love It Loud - Kiss
9 Caught Out There - Kelis
10 Can't Shake It - Great White

The Contenders

11 Not Again - Staind
12 It's the Same Old Song - Four Tops
13 I Hear You Knockin' - Dave Edmunds
14 Why Does This Always Happen to Me? - Weird Al Yankovic

I would honestly like to know the answer. - Gg2000

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