Top Ten Songs That Should've Been On Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits


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1 Estranged

'Estranged' is definitely the song that is missing from their Greatest Hits album. I wonder what were they thinking by not including it? They could have omitted 'You Could Be Mine', which is certainly not a good song. Some people!

They couldve left out sympthathy for the devil ( cause rolling stones was much better) and put this masterpiece plus it's my favorite Guns N' Roses song and probaly one of Guns N' Roses fans favorite too

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2 Nightrain
3 Rocket Queen

You put Mr Brownstone on this list! The best song on Appetite, and It's so easy is also a fantastic song! Coma is great, oh God you put Nightrain on here! ARGGHH what have you done!

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4 It's So Easy
5 Mr. Brownstone
6 Hair of the Dog
7 My Michelle

This should be higher then hair of a dog - Leofeldman

Best song on this list

8 Used to Love Her
9 Dead Horse
10 Coma

The Contenders

11 The Garden
12 So Fine
13 Garden of Eden
14 Think About You
15 One in a Million - Guns N' Roses
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