Top 10 Songs from The Greatest Showman

A list of the best songs from the 2017 film The Greatest Showman.

The Top Ten

1 This is Me

This song is so powerful and really reaches out and touches the hearts of everyone. Not only is it easy to relate to, but the words and tune are really catchy. Should be number 1.

This is the most powerful song. Though all of the soundtrack has a powerful message, this one most people can relate to. - funnyuser

I love this song because I can relate to it so much!

2 Rewrite the Stars

I love this song

3 A Million Dreams

Every night I lie I bed listening to this song -Jonz

Incredibly inspiring and hard to get out of your head, plus Ziv Zaifman has on eof the best voices I've ever heard.

4 The Greatest Show

What better than the intro? I loved this movie! - listotaku17

I watched this movie with my dad I am 11 years old and this is probobly the best movie the intro is better than rewrite the stars! - JamisonJordan

5 Never Enough
6 The Other Side

Very fun to sing, and really catchy! - Call_Me_Po

I just can't stop rewinding and listening to this song, wayyy too catchy! - Swiftdawn

7 Come Alive

Nooo this is the best

8 A Million Dreams (Reprise)
9 From Now On

I wish "From Now On" was higher. So underappreciated - Froglamb

10 Tightrope

Really great - Swiftdawn

The Contenders

11 Never Enough (Reprise)
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