Top 10 Songs from The Greatest Showman

A list of the best songs from the 2017 film The Greatest Showman.
The Top Ten
1 Rewrite the Stars Rewrite the Stars Cover Art

This is my number one most favorite song out of the greatest showman in my opinion. All of my friends that have seen the movie agree that rewrite the stars is their favorite song. This is me is right behind rewrite the stars in my opinion.

My fave is This Is Me because the song is about people that are different from everyone else and I still get bullied and picked on.

This is my mom and myself’s favorite song from all the songs in this soundtrack. In fact, zac and Zendaya are our favorite actors in this movie. They are so cute and the only ones who sing this song.

This is the best because zendaya and zac sing it they make a perfect pair. I really want to meet zendaya she is the best.

2 This is Me This is Me Cover Art

You guys are not serious, this is me can never be no.2, please take it to the first number, where it actually deserves.
You guys need to download the song it was sang by keala settle. It is the most successful song on the album, it top at no.3 in UK chart and one one mostv

This song is so powerful and really reaches out and touches the hearts of everyone. Not only is it easy to relate to, but the words and tune are really catchy. Should be number 1.

This is the most powerful song. Though all of the soundtrack has a powerful message, this one most people can relate to.

This needs to be first. The lyrics are amazing, and even help people who are bullied for being different.

3 The Greatest Show The Greatest Show Cover Art

I love the greatest showman! this song was the best song that was on the sound track. this song is like in warrior cats, when firestar (then, rusty) wanted to go to the forest... welll, its like... nvm... this is my first favorite song on the greatest showman movie!

The most energizing song ever, never fails to get me pumped up, singing or lip-syncing, and in an all-around good mood. I LOVE theatre and show-business, so this song is right up my alley! I remember when I first saw The Greatest Showman trailer at the movies. When Philip asked Barnum "What is your business? ", and when Barnum responded "Show-business", and then when Philip said that that wasn't a business, and then when Barnum said "That's because I just invented it", 1 thought ran through my head: I like this guy.

Absolutely love it can't get enough. This song stands out as the best even though the others were awesome! Hugh Jackman really made it!

The best just makes you want to get up, and start dancing. This song plays before anything else in the movie, and as soon as you hear it, you just know that it’s gonna be a great movie.

4 The Other Side The Other Side Cover Art

I love this song. it's the best tong ever. in the movie I like how they were sliding the cups of whine around. I love their dancing also and when I do work or other stuff I always listen to this song and the greatest show.

Wow. This is a great song and I think it should be top. Great dancing. It's too good and whenever I watch it I feel like crying because it just gets better and better.

Best constructed overall. Best dancing. Amazing synchronization.

Best one on the movie, along with a million dreams.

5 Never Enough Never Enough Cover Art

I can't choose between this and The Greatest Show. Nonetheless, this song is powerful absolutely gorgeous.

Never Enough because it slow calm and my sis got the in my 543 production

This song is he best it should be #1 it's my favorite.

I am speechless... I actually got goosebumps...

6 A Million Dreams A Million Dreams Cover Art

It's the best song ever
I have literally broke the replay button

Cause every night I lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head.

Incredibly inspiring and hard to get out of your head, plus Ziv Zaifman has on eof the best voices I've ever heard.

Should be first it's so good and sweet

7 From Now On From Now On Cover Art

This one isn't actually my favourite but its probably third or fourth. I voted for it because it is so underappreciated. I wish it was higher!

The scene with Hugh Jackman running through the streets is the best scene in the movie.

I really like this list. But I think from now on and other side should swap.

From now these people's eyes will not be blinded by the light

8 Tightrope Tightrope Cover Art

This is such an underappreciated song.

Really great

9 Come Alive Come Alive Cover Art

I find the Jess Glynne and Years And Years cover better, but this is still great.

Nooo this is the best

10 A Million Dreams (Reprise) A Million Dreams (Reprise) Cover Art

A million dreams are keeping me awake...

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11 Never Enough (Reprise) Never Enough (Reprise) Cover Art
12 The Greatest Show (Reprise) The Greatest Show (Reprise) Cover Art

Umm you forgot the greatest show reprise

13 A Million Dreams Reprise #2
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