Top 10 Songs from The Greatest Showman

A list of the best songs from the 2017 film The Greatest Showman.

The Top Ten

1 Rewrite the Stars

The best song of the movie "The Greatest Showman"! Very beautiful!

i love it!

I love this song

My fave is This Is Me because the song is about people that are different from everyone else and I still get bullied and picked on.

2 This is Me

Love this song and people who hates this song suck.

What I'm going through at my gives me strength

This song makes me stand up straight from the way my job is the song gives me the strength to be who I am

I love this song!

3 The Greatest Show

Absolutely love it can't get enough. This song stands out as the best even though the others were awesome! Hugh Jackman really made it!

This is the best movie of the decade at least.

The most energizing song ever, never fails to get me pumped up, singing or lip-syncing, and in an all-around good mood. I LOVE theatre and show-business, so this song is right up my alley! I remember when I first saw The Greatest Showman trailer at the movies. When Philip asked Barnum "What is your business? ", and when Barnum responded "Show-business", and then when Philip said that that wasn't a business, and then when Barnum said "That's because I just invented it", 1 thought ran through my head: I like this guy.

The best just makes you want to get up, and start dancing. This song plays before anything else in the movie, and as soon as you hear it, you just know that it’s gonna be a great movie.

4 Never Enough

Never Enough because it slow calm and my sis got the in my 543 production

Loved it

An amazing song for anyone in love!

This song is crazy hard to sing.

5 The Other Side

Best one on the movie, along with a million dreams.

Wow. This is a great song and I think it should be top. Great dancing. It's too good and whenever I watch it I feel like crying because it just gets better and better.

Come on it's the best

Best one

6 A Million Dreams

Love this song!

Should be first it's so good and sweet

Love it

Means so much

7 From Now On

It,s very nice

One of the best greatest show man songs in my opinion but I really like this is the greatest show but also this song had a pretty big part in the movie but it still isn’t the main song in the movie i

This one isn't actually my favourite but its probably third or fourth. I voted for it because it is so underappreciated. I wish it was higher!

So underrated

8 Tightrope

Best song!

This is such an underappreciated song.

Really great - Swiftdawn

9 Come Alive

I find the Jess Glynne and Years And Years cover better, but this is still great. - oneshot

Nooo this is the best

10 A Million Dreams (Reprise)

The Contenders

11 Never Enough (Reprise)
12 The Greatest Show (Reprise)

Umm you forgot the greatest show reprise

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2. Tightrope
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1. Never Enough
2. The Greatest Show
3. This is Me
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