Best Songs On Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear

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1 Chandelier

Her biggest hit as a solo artist, it is a pop masterpiece. Her powerful vocals and catchy chorus makes this song her best on the album. - low2max

Hands down! This is the best song

Damn! Best song ever! And Sia is so underrated - Sassy13crown

To me, this song sounds autotune-y - lovefrombadlands

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2 Elastic Heart
3 Dressed in Black
4 Fire Meet Gasoline
5 Big Girls Cry
6 Eye of the Needle
7 Burn the Pages
8 Free the Animal

More upbeat and also dramatic at the same time

9 Hostage

Just a fun song

10 Cellophane

I'm honestly a bit saddened by the bottom of this list. Yes, Chandelier, Big Girls Cry, and Elastic Heart is where this album shines as a pop album, but I think that far too little light is shed on tracks such as Cellophane, Fair Game, and Straight For The Knife. - SomePeopleHaveRealProblems

My favourite is dressed for black but I voted for this because its too low on the list

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11 Fair Game

Such a beautiful song, and so underrated - gagaranta14

12 Straight for the Knife
13 Chandelier (Piano Version)
14 Elastic Heart (Piano Version)
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1. Chandelier
2. Fire Meet Gasoline
3. Dressed in Black
1. Chandelier
2. Burn the Pages
3. Fire Meet Gasoline
1. Chandelier
2. Big Girls Cry
3. Fair Game

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