Best Songs from Skillet's Self-Titled Album

Skillet is the self-titled debut release from the Christian rock band Skillet. Released in 1996 as an enhanced CD and audio cassette from ForeFront Records and Ardent Records, it showcases Christian lyrics with a grunge rock sound. Skillet was, at the time, a three-piece band.

The band might not have proved anything from this album. It wasn't up to the mark as people would say. The albums that followed made Skillet as it is today. Skillet has still a long way to go (much more time). The songs in this album are short. It has a total of ten songs.

Skillet has released music videos for the following songs:
1. I Can
2. Gasoline
3. Saturn
4. Splinter
Be sure to check 'em out too. Skillet's self-titled album was the only album of theirs that they made multiple music videos for until Comatose had four. Every album in between had just one, except for Ardent Worship, which had none.

John Cooper plays the bass guitar and is the lead vocalist. Trey McClurkin plays the drums and Ken Steorts does the backing vocals and guitar.

The Top Ten

1 I Can
2 Gasoline

The song has great lyrics - 'Dip me in Gasoline and light me up' - jerk4life

3 My Beautiful Robe V 1 Comment
4 Splinter
5 Paint

The music of this song is the best in this album. - jerk4life

6 Safe with You
7 Saturn V 1 Comment
8 Boundaries V 1 Comment
9 You Thought
10 Promise Blender
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