Best Songs from Skrillex's Recess


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1 All Is Fair In Love and Brostep

Great song best of skrillex in 2014 for sure

The only weird part is the guy singing in a really distorted and strange language.

Hell yeah this songs beat is so sick I could throw up! Makes you feel like your traveling at a faster than light speed! On frekin repeat everyday!

This is amazing! I love dis song, awesome beat, funneh lyrics and weirdass lols

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2 Recess

Um, DUH! Why do you tink the album is called recess? Because recess is the best song from the album!

3 Try It Out

My favourite from the album! Beautiful!

I listened to this song, and LOVED IT!

4 Stranger

Okay,this song is super annoying,so I get to annoy my dad! Thank you so much skrillex! ☺

5 Coast Is Clear

Shows the amazing taste Sonny has for experimentation. Love the vibe.

6 Ragga Bomb

Honestly, this song has way too much hate. I don't know why its awesome!

This and try it out are my favorites from the album

I love the beginning, but the beat is really earraping...

7 Dirty Vibe

I like it for some reason, its catchy!

8 Ease My Mind

35% Dubstep, 35% Electro 30% remix song. You have to choose and listen this song because this song is very awesome. "ARABIC"

What EASE MY MIND IS LAST? Its not my favorite from the album, but its still one of the bests!

9 Fire Away

One of skrillex's peaceful songs

10 F*** That

This. Song. Is. IMMENSE! A nice change from Skrillex, switching the genre from 'Brostep' to Trap.

Dirty garage vibes. Very skankable.

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11 Doompy Poomp

Weirdest song I've ever heard, but I liek it!

Kawaii I guess? XDb

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