Top 10 Best Songs On Slayer's Repentless

"Repentless" is the 11th studio album by the influential Thrash Metal band Slayer. This is the very first album to not include legendary guitarist Jeff Hanneman, and instead includes fromer Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. This album was released on September 11th, 2015, almost 6 years since their last album. The album has fast Thrash tracks like Repentless, Chasing Death, and Cast the First Stone, as well as more groove-oriented songs like Pride in Prejudice, Take Control, and Vices.

The Top Ten

1 Repentless

The riff is very good

I knew the moment I first heard this track that it was an instant classic! It is definitely one of the best tracks Slayer has ever released - ryanrimmel

I couldn't avoid myself to not headbang with this song! awesome! - Edwarddurden8510

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2 Chasing Death

One of Slayer's sadder songs, yet is still brutal. King wrote this upon the death of a longtime guitar tech, and knowing Jeff was "chasing death". Intricate riffing like Megadeth is found in this song. Tom Araya's vocal performance was great, especially when his rage was climbing at the second pre-chorus.

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3 You Against You UListen to Sample
4 Atrocity Vendor UListen to Sample
5 Implode UListen to Sample
6 Piano Wire

This song is written by Jeff Hanneman, final song he ever wrote I think. RIP. - IronSabbathPriest

Easily the best song on the album for me!

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7 When the Stillness Comes

This is brutality without the speed! A more vocal-based song, and the way Tom sings, from brooding to rage filled. The lyrics are dark and psychotic, more along the lines of Tom Araya, kind of surprising that Kerry King wrote these lyrics.

Gives the soundtrack to a nuclear war

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9 Pride In Prejudice

Slow and heavy, with an awesome riff right before the solo and during the outro. Should be in Top 5!

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10 Delusions of Saviour

An amazing, sinister, evil sounding intro song. It features an awesome riff with great buildup. I love it! - ryanrimmel

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The Contenders

11 Take Control

This should be at least top 5 - danielddf

It starts with one guitar doing an insanely fast riff, then a two guitar riff attack when the drums kick in. After the intro, the main riff gives you the feeling of running from countless tanks just befoe the verse kicks in. Great verses, and great chorus.

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12 Vices UListen to Sample
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1. Repentless
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