Top Ten Best Songs On Sleeping With Sirens' Madness

Sleeping With Sirens is truly an amazing band, and they also have a great number of amazing songs.
But here are the top songs off their latest album Madness.

The Top Ten

1 Better Off Dead

One of my favorite. song ever


Even though the genre is pop/rock,it still gives that charming feel to a metalhead.

2 We Like It Loud
3 November

One of my favorites off the album

4 Kick Me

This was my second Sleeping with Sirens song EVER, and I was obsessed with it for so long! Very energetic yet angry, it's really good!

5 Fly
6 Madness
7 Save Me a Spark
8 The Strays


THIS SONG IS BRILLIANT! Definitely in top 3!

9 Go Go Go
10 Gold

The Contenders

11 Don't Say Anything
12 Heroine
13 Left Alone
14 Parasites

This song is awesome!

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