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1 Psychosocial

Cause its hardcore and aggressive and just the best

is it necessary to say something about it? ITS A GREAT SONG! its very powerful and full of rage. really love Corey's voice


By far the best very dominant.

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2 Snuff

I don't care about all the people say slipknot is the best band ever and i love this song go snuff

no matter how different it may be for slipknot its the best. and not just on this album

I hate those people who hate the new slipknot because there not as heavy. So what all slipknot albums are a close tie in my opinion
12. Execute
11. Wherein Lies Continue
10. Butchers Hook
9. This Cold Black
8. Gehenna
7. All Hope Is Gone
6. Dead Memories
5. Gematria
4. Sulfur
3. Snuff
2. Vendetta
1. Psychosocial

Nope snuff should be #1 not Psychosocial what's going on here?

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3 Sulfur


Seriously #8! This is slipknot's best song ever, not just from this album. It has great lyrics, Joey Jordison at his best, one of their fastest solos and an awesome breakdown screaming part. It just all runs together perfectly and I don't see why people don't love this song.

Amazing song might be my least favorite album by them but still good just psychosocial gets old people

Ok psychosocial is better but the drumming in this song is incredible, the riff is awesome, the lyrics are aggresive but full of melodies and the solos and interludes are awesome - fidelcanojr

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4 All Hope is Gone

Best Slipknot trash metal song

The title track is very underrated, those who complaint that new slipknot is to soft and mainstream obviously haven't listened much to AHiG, Vendetta and Gematria!

Did you hear Joey in this song? The most difficult song in drums, Vendetta, Sulfur And Gematria are very closely, but this is the best in drumming, oh and a really fast solo, and great chorus

All Hope Is Gone is a special song and album. I love it for the effort put into it and that it was Joey's and Paul's last song besides the three deluxe edition songs. If not for All Hope Is Gone, I'd vote Gematria (The Killing Name) or Psychosocial.

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5 Dead Memories

Amazing lyrics and music videos I like to listen to this when I take walks on rainy days.

One of their best, awesome song

Not metal, but rock.

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6 Gematria (The Killing Name)

Okay so this song is probably one of their most thought out song of all time, it's complicated it's heavy, and is just flat out evil. This is one of my personal favorites by Slipknot

I think this is old vs new fans. this song is Iowa material which is by far my favorite slipknot album - darkwing

For the people who say newer Slipknot got soft, listen to Gematria (The Killing Name), Wherein Lies Continue and All Hope Is Gone. These songs will get 100 year olds to stand up and headbang.

Heavy (duh), but also more technical and complex than average slipknot. 6 Minutes of relentless riffing.

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7 Wherein Lies Continue

First time I heard this song I was genuinely impressed with Slipknot

The more I listen to this song the more I question people and their complaining about how slipknot has gotten more soft. This song will melt your god damn face off haha

I love the groove of this song, throw in the deep meaning of the song, incredible vocals, and you have my favorite ever.

The groove not this song is immense. The overpowering percussion and Corey's rageful voice go together like bread and butter. The melodic bit in the middle is so catchy. Slipknot mix the hardcore and the catchy in this seriously underrated tune. - SlipknotmanA7X

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8 Gehenna

gehenna has a certain feel to it I don't think I've ever herd a song quite like it I almost voted for snuff or psychosocial but this song is just crazy epic I feel like it should have a single with a cult following by now

I think it's their best non single

Its an unique song, for better and for worse, It really creates a dark mood. And it has the best slipknot solo.

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9 'Til We Die

Second slow slipknot song after snuff! - danimey

This song is 12 WHAT
When Paul grey died this was the song to found your tears

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10 This Cold Black

Why does everyone hates this its one of their best

One of my favorites of the album, but at all Slipknot songs, is still pretty weak.

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11 Vendetta

9! Seriously this song got me in this album very heavy and amazing please at least 5

I like Vendetta for 3 reasons: corey's vocals are awesome, I like the lets pretend were not at the end and I like it when he says it in a deep, very deep voice at the end. awesome song. I also like gehenna, this cold black, and butcher's hook

Headbang to death I love the second half of the song


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12 Butcher's Hook

This song changed my life

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13 Child of Burning Time

This one Of Slipknot's most underrated songs... Can't believe it isn't on the top five. How did all hope is gone make it so far up. Swap places with all hope is gone or sulfur.

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14 Vermilion, Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix) UListen to Sample
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16 If Rain is What You Want
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1. Psychosocial
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