Best Songs From Slipknot's Subliminal Verses


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1 Before I Forget Before I Forget

Their masks from this album is awesome and the album is awesome! However, Before I Forget is the song that stood out. I know a bunch of people think Duality is better, but it's not.

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2 Duality Duality

The drums OH MY GOD! How does joey jordison do that? It's impossible - shuvro

I think, this is the BEST SONG from album "The Subliminal Verses! "

This song is cool with new style like no other

Mick thompson kicked ass with that guitar ROCK ON! R.I.P. paul gray

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3 Vermilion Vermilion

It is GREAT! I love this song! Although, I have to admit, it is pretty crappy until they get to the part of 'Hard to say what caught my attention'. But the part where they way, 'I won't let this build up inside of me' and 'She isn't real' is also an add to the song.

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4 The Blister Exists The Blister Exists

Yeah best slipknot song epic drums first time I heard than song I was in heaven blister exists for life

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5 Pulse of the Maggots Pulse of the Maggots

An amazing song... its a heavy metal anthem! Its up there with the likes of Til We Die, (sic), Left Behind and Eyeless. MAGGOT FOR LIFE!

6 Vermilion Pt. 2 Vermilion Pt. 2

Part 1 is better but this is so underrated duality would be much better without the spoken words

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7 The Nameless The Nameless

Good song that I've heard from Slipknot - 09ShamsulBahriel

The scary thing is that I can relate to this song. - Lem

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8 Opium of the People Opium of the People

I love the chorus on this song so great

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9 Circle Circle
10 Danger - Keep Away Danger - Keep Away

Incredibly atmospheric, disturbing song that is criminally overlooked by both non-fans and maggots alike.

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11 Three Nil

Should be higher the virus of life sucked and I mean what the hell is corey saying?!

12 Scream
13 Welcome Welcome
14 The Virus of Life The Virus of Life
15 Prelude 3.0 Prelude 3.0

This one is under rated.

Best opening track to any slipknot album ever

16 Don't Get Close Don't Get Close

Very underrated song. People always put the singles first. I don't beilieve this is the best but it should at least be in the top ten.

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1. Before I Forget
2. Duality
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1. Before I Forget
2. Duality
3. The Nameless
1. Before I Forget
2. Duality
3. Pulse of the Maggots

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