Top Ten Best Songs on Sonic CD

Sonic CD is an underrated 2D Sonic game that came out for the Sega CD. It is arguably one of the best Sonic games and has one of the best soundtracks in the franchise. It is also one of the only games to have two seperate soundtracks (US Version and JP/EU Version)

The Top Ten

1 Tidal Tempest (Bad Future) [JP/EU]

Japan's soundtrack has the best bad future themes without a doubt. But this one is just awesome! I sometimes purposely get the Bad Future just to hear this while I play. It's amazingly catchy. I love to call this Dark Downbeat Techno Rave, it is just SO good! - cjWriter1997

2 Palmtree Panic (Bad Future) [JP/EU]

This one could may as well be tied with #1. It so energetic. It explodes with a lot of fast-paced techno madness. Palmtree Panic really is in a Panic. If even is creepier with the robotized "Yays" in the background but honestly makes it so much cooler. - cjWriter1997

3 Quartz Quadrant (Good Future) [US]

Favorite US track. Incredible spacious and livens up to atmosphere. Probably my favorite level in the game as well because both versions are really good. - cjWriter1997

4 Collision Chaos (Good Future) [JP/EU]

It's very serene and full of wonderful melodies that just make you happy. This is my favorite Good Future theme out of all the versions. - cjWriter1997

5 Final Boss [JP/EU]

This feels like a Final Boss theme. The US version definitely leaves a feeling of "Holy Crap, I'm gonna die" but the JP feels like a perfect final boss theme for a Sonic game. Too bad the final boss is rather easy. - cjWriter1997

6 Collision Chaos (Bad Future) [JP/EU]
7 Tidal Tempest (Present) [JP/EU]
8 Wacky Workbench (Bad Future) [US]
9 Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) [US]
10 Stardust Speedway (Present) [JP/Eu]

The Contenders

11 Stardust Speedway (Good Future) [JP/EU]

This track gives such a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and joy. If I am feeling down, I can always listen to this to lift my sprits- Anon

One of the Top 5. - TopTen1

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1. Tidal Tempest (Bad Future) [JP/EU]
2. Palmtree Panic (Bad Future) [JP/EU]
3. Collision Chaos (Good Future) [JP/EU]


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