Best Songs from Sons of Apollo's Psychotic Symphony Album

Despite the fact that it is simply a debut album, the album is of extremely high quality all the way through.

The Top Ten

1 God of the Sun

The sheer grandeur of this song alone would put it up on this list quite high. The reason that I adore the song though, is because of the extremely cool Egyptian theme along with the killer solo. - kempokid

2 Opus Maximus

This is my 3rd favourite instrumental of all time (Anesthesia and Stream of Consciousness beat it). I love the weird rhythm, the superb drum beat, everything is great. - kempokid

3 Signs of the Time

Along with being the one of the heaviest on the album, the song is also one of the best displays of the skill that everyone in the band possesses. I also like the way that the song is mastered to accentuate the drums. - kempokid

4 Lost in Oblivion

The chaotic nature of the song adds some variety to the album, as many of the others are fairly structured. I find it to be a nice breath of fresh air. - kempokid

5 Divine Addiction

One of the more powerful songs on the album, the vocals are at their best in this track, and the other instruments are pretty good as well. - kempokid

6 Alive

Probably the most laid back song on the album, everything is toned down quite a bit, but it still sounds quite good. - kempokid

7 Labyrinth

Something about this song tells me that it will be a fan favourite at some point in time, but to me I found it to be a low point in the album, but when this is a low poin, you know it's a good album. - kempokid

8 Figaro's Whore

One of the better 1 minute tracks I've heard, I enjoy the fact that it just sounds like the guitarist messing about for a minute, yet it still sounds so precise. - kempokid

9 Coming Home

Along with being a fairly simple song, it suffers from the vocals being a fair bit worse than every other song on the album. - kempokid

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