Best Songs on Soulfly's Dark Ages

Dark Ages is the 5th studio album by Soulfly, It was recorded sometime in 2005 and was released on October 4th 2005. The album explores aggression and dark themes to mourn the deaths of Max Cavalera's 8-month-old grandson, Moses, and his close friend Dimebag Darrell. Dark Ages was recorded in five countries – Serbia, Turkey, Russia, France, and the United States. Cavalera praised this album by calling it "unorthodox metal." This album started to sound more like the sound Sepultura had when Max was in the band.

The album opens with an intro track "The Dark Ages," which continues into "Babylon," which explores worldwide chaos.

"Arise Again" combines Metallica-like riffs and Sepultura-like echoes.

"Corrosion Creeps" is dedicated to Chuck Schuldiner of Death.

"Fuel the Hate" begins with the lyric line 'Monday, July 16, 1945, 5:30am',exact time and date when 'Trinity' nuclear test occurred.

It was around this time that the lyrical themes began to move away from the earlier spiritual themes and began incorporating more violent and aggressive elements.

Richie Cavalera, Max's son, co-sings on "Staystrong" as a tribute to youthful deaths of Moses and Dana.

The outro for "Bleak" was recorded in an ancient temple in Istanbul to capture echoes to include as common sound effect on this album.

"Molotov" lyrics are in Russian, Portuguese, and a final verse in English.The performance of Billy Milano, one of two guests for "Molotov," was recorded over the phone by Max.

"Riotstarter" contains strong tribal chants.

"Innerspirit" blends clean and melodic vocals by the guest Coyote over the roars by Cavalera.

Just like the previous Soulfly albums this album features a squeal to the song Soulfly with this album having the 5th one (stylized in roman numerals) however this time it is included as a hidden track.

Album Genres: Groove Metal, Thrash Metal

Soulfly members:

Max Cavalera - lead vocals, 4-string guitar, berimbau, sitar

Marc Rizzo - guitar, flamenco guitar

Bobby Burns - bass guitar

Joe Nunez - drums, percussion

The Top Ten Best Songs on Soulfly's Dark Ages

1 Carved Inside
2 Inner Spirit
3 Fuel the Hate
4 I and I
5 Babylon
6 Frontlines
7 Riotstarter
8 Soulfly V
9 Molotov
10 Corrosion Creeps

The Contenders

11 Arise Again
12 Bleak
13 Staystrong
14 (The) March
15 The Dark Ages
16 Salmo-91
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