Best Songs on Soulfly's Enslaved

Enslaved is the 8th studio album by Soulfly, it was recorded in fall 2011, mostly in Tallcat Studios in Phoenix, Arizona. Zeuss and was released on March 13th, 2012 through Roadrunner Records which would be their last with them. This is the first album to feature Asesino frontman Tony Campos on bass, and the only album to feature former Borknagar drummer David Kinkade on drums.This album includes more Death Metal influences than the previous albums.

"World Scum" is the album's only single released on January 25, 2012 with a video released on February 16.

The song "Revengeance" features Max Cavalera's sons, and the lyrics are about the murder of his stepson Dana Wells.

"Gladiator", leaked online several days before the release of the album, is a melodic song about Roman gladiators.

"Plata O Plomo" features Marc Rizzo playing the flamenco guitar, as well as use of Portuguese and Spanish lyrics.

"Soulfly VIII" is the first Soulfly song to feature a violin, performed by Tim Sadow and is the 8th sequel to the song Soulfly.

Album Genres: Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Death Metal.

Soulfly members:

Max Cavalera - lead vocals, 4-string guitar, sitar

Marc Rizzo - guitar, flamenco guitar on "Plata O Plomo"

Tony Campos - bass guitar, vocals on "Plata O Plomo"

David Kinkade - drums, percussion

The Top Ten

1 Revengeance
2 World Scum
3 Slave
4 Legions
5 Gladiator
6 Chains
7 Treachery
8 Intervention
9 American Steel
10 Plata O Plomo

The Contenders

11 Bastard
12 Redemption of Man By God
13 Soulfly VIII
14 Resistance
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