Best Songs on Soulfly's Primitive

Primitive is the 2nd studio album Soulfly released, the album was recorded at
The Saltmine Studio Oasis in Mesa, Arizona and was released on September 26th, 2000 through Roadrunner Records.

This album continues the sound that Soulfly's self titled debut had which itself was a continuation of the sound of Roots by Sepultura. The sound of this album is Nu Metal mixed with tribal influences.

This album started a trend that would appear on every Soulfly album released after this one where the self titled song "Soulfly" would have a sequeal which as of 11/13/2017 there are 10 the one featured on this album is 2 (Stylized in roman numerals)

Many guest musicians are featured on some of the songs from this album The most noteworthy include:

Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stone Sour on the track "Jumpdafuckup", that song also features sludge riffs.

Tom Araya from Slayer on the track "Terrorist"

Grady Avenell & Chino Moreno from Will Haven who both appear on the song "Pain"

Sean Lennon son of John Lennon on the song "Son Song" which the song itself is similar to the sound of Alice in Chains.

Album Genre: Nu Metal with Tribal Influences


Max Cavalera - vocals, rhythm guitar, berimbau (tracks 1, 6, 7, 12), producer

Mikey Doling - guitars

Marcello D. Rapp - bass guitar, percussions, drums (track 11)

Joe Nunez - drums

The Top Ten Best Songs on Soulfly's Primitive

1 Jumpdaf***up
2 Terrorist
3 Back to the Primitive
4 Son Song
5 Boom
6 Pain
7 Flyhigh
8 Soulfly II
9 Mulambo
10 In Memory Of ...

The Contenders

11 Bring It
12 Soulfire
13 The Prophet
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