Best Songs from Soulfly's Savages

Savages is the 9th studio album by Soulfly, it was recorded in May–June of 2013 and was released on September 30, 2013 through Nuclear Blast Records.The album is the first to feature drummer Zyon Cavalera, frontman Max's son, in a full-time capacity after the departure of David Kinkade in 2012.

" Bloodshed " is the first of three singles released from the album. This song plays in mid-tempo and contains little tribal influences.

"El Comegente" features Portuguese and Spanish lyrics about the 1980s Venezuelan serial killer and cannibal Dorángel Vargas, who is an "El Comegente," Spanish for people eater. Tony Campos is featured as vocalist while playing bass. The closing section has Led Zeppelin -like acoustic bass solo and Marc Rizzo calls this part "Mars Part Two."

"Master of Savagery" is the quasi-title track and the second single of the album containing grooves similar to earlier Soulfly albums followed by bass solo. The album's third single,

"Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla," has Pantera -like grooves with clean vocals by Neil Fallon.

"Fallen" begins with an acoustic guitar, then thrashy riffs, followed by monster-like growls by guest Jamie Hanks.

"Cannibal Holocaust" is a speedy song speaking about destruction of humanity due to cannibalism.

Just like the previous albums this album contains a sequel to the song Soulfly with this one being the 9th one stylized in roman numerals however this time it is now a bonus track like the previous album and the album to follow as well.

Album Genres: Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Death Metal

Soulfly members:

Max Cavalera - vocals, 4-string guitar, sitar

Marc Rizzo - guitar, flamenco guitar, sitar

Tony Campos - bass guitar, acoustic bass guitar, vocals on " El Comegente "

Zyon Cavalera - drums, percussion

The Top Ten

1 Cannibal Holocaust
2 Master of Savagery
3 Bloodshed
4 Ayatollah of Rock 'N' Rolla
5 Fallen
6 Spiral
7 Soulfliktion
8 F**k Reality
9 This Is Violence
10 El Comegente

The Contenders

11 Soulfly IX
12 K.C.S.
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