Top 10 Best Songs of Specific Artists

Inspired by CamisFrog. She made worst, so I made best!

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1 Him & I - G Eazy & Halsey

This was actually my favorite song for a month after I listened to it. Halsey's part is actually very nice. - allamassal

This is for G-Eazy.

2 Colors - Halsey

This is actually my favorite Halsey song. - allamassal

3 Passionfruit - Drake

This is one of Drake's better songs, and although his voice doesn't sound as good as it did on Hold On We're Going Home, this song has a good groove and melody. - allamassal

4 Praying - Kesha

I never really liked this song, but it's definitely Kesha's best song. - allamassal

To me, yes. 6/5 - DCfnaf

No me gusta

5 Finesse - Bruno Mars
6 Juju on that Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall

No - IronFist13

7 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
8 Drive - Halsey
9 Lane Boy - Twenty One Pilots

I think Fairly Local is better personally - DCfnaf

I like fairly local but I prefer this because I love the lyrics and the beat and I just think 21 Pilots sounds so good in this song!

Lane big gross at least not farely local

10 It Ain't Me - Kygo & Selena Gomez

The Contenders

11 Teddy Bear - Melanie Martinez
12 Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons

Love ready aim fire love imagine dragons

13 Lose Yourself - Eminem

This is a good song, it's 5 minutes but it's not bad and 5 minutes. It's a good use of 5 minutes.

Absolutely great, but not his best. 6/5 - DCfnaf

Well this is truly legendary. - StarlightSpanks

14 Speed of Sound - Coldplay

This is a take I don't see very often

it's also one I wholeheartedly agree with - ProPanda

Yay! My favorite user of TheTopTens agrees with me! I love this song!

15 Perfect - Ed Sheeran
16 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
17 Perfect - Pink
18 Fack - Eminem

This ISN'T best, I haven't heard this song, but I never will.

You'll then either see it as hilarious or absolute garbage
I personally see it as hilarious though - StarlightSpanks

Why do trolls always mess with lovefrombadland's lists?

Seriously? - 445956

19 Unforgettable - French Montana

Swae Lee actually made it unforgettable for me. 5/5 - StarlightSpanks

20 Body Like a Back Road - Sam Hunt

This song is great but his best is Drinkin' Too Much

21 Paris - The Chainsmokers

This is their worst song in my opinion. 0/5 - DCfnaf

22 Rockstar - Post Malone

Not even close, "Candy Paint" is 10x better. - StarlightSpanks

23 Xo Tour Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

Try to argue this one. This is like, the only Uzi song that you could feel emotion in it. - hiphopgod

24 The View - Lou Reed & Metallica

nope - EliHbk

25 T.N.T. - AC/DC
26 You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
27 Lana Del Rey vs Cedric Gervais - Summertime Sadness Remix
28 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift

No, I can name several Taylor Swift songs off the top of my head that are better than this: Delicate, Shake it Off, Blank Space, Style, Wildest Dreams, Out of the Woods, You Belong with Me, Love Story, the list goes on. - allamassal

It's her worst song idiot

This isn't best, I think Call It What You Want is.

This song blows. -5/5

I think her best song is Ronan. - DCfnaf

29 Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd

Nah, I never saw the appeal in this and never well. 2/5

And "Look Alive" should've been a hit instead of this. - StarlightSpanks

30 Cold - Maroon 5

I think This Love is better but this is a good song, 9/10.

It's a good song, but it isn't their best. Either This Love or She Will Be Loved is their best song. - TheFourthWorld

31 Mask Off - Future
32 Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya, Pink
33 This is How We Do - Katy Perry

Nah, I can think of a lot of songs from Katy Perry that are way better than this song. - TheFourthWorld

One of her worst. 0/5 - DCfnaf

34 Hooker with a Penis - Tool

No way, this song is god awful!

35 Stupid Girls - Pink
36 The Comeback - Blood on the Dance Floor
37 Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello
38 Modern Love - David Bowie
39 Try Too Hard - Pink
40 Love Me - Lil Wayne
41 Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber
42 Its Every Night Sis - Ricegum

Well, compared to the rest of his "yhpargocsid," yeah, it's easily his best.

I mean, at least he's not stealing beats from Drake here.

No - 445956

43 Best Song Ever - One Direction
44 Bingo - Jacob Sartorius
45 Whistle - Flo Rida

By this logic, I can expect "Stupid Hoe" to be on this list soon. - StarlightSpanks

My House is better than this song. - allamassal

46 Stimulated - Tyga
47 Guys My Age - Hey Violet

I like this song

Oh, god no. -1/5 - DCfnaf

48 Turn Around - Borgore & Dan Farber
49 Hacker - Death Grips
50 River - Eminem
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