Top 10 Best Songs from Spock's Beard's Noise Floor

Noise Floor is the thirteenth studio album by American progressive rock band Spock's Beard. It is the band's first full album of original material to feature original drummer Nick D'Virgilio since X in 2010. D'Virgilio had previously recorded a new song with the band for the compilation album The First Twenty Years in 2015. It was released on 25 May 2018.
Personally, I think this is the best album of the year, as it captures the spirit of progressive rock in several different forms, showing clear inspiration mostly from the legends of symphonic prog. If you haven't, please try this album out.

The Top Ten

1 Have We All Gone Crazy Yet Have We All Gone Crazy Yet

The longest song on the album, and my personal favorite. I love the combination of modern sounds and the ever so appreciated symphonic prog sound, along with its well thought lyrics.

2 To Breathe Another Day To Breathe Another Day

A very adventurous and intense song, while still incredibly catchy. Everything about this song blends together so well. My favorite about it is the keyboards. I think it would definitely appeal to fans of 80's hard rock. And DragonForce.

3 Somebody's Home Somebody's Home

My god! The vocals have so much raw emotion that can really be heard in this song! I don't know why, but this song can get me a little emotional sometimes. And that guitar solo is just amazing.

4 Armageddon Nervous

An instrumental tune and the final song of the album. I absolutely love how it transitions from one music sound to another so smoothly. It really shows the influence other genres have had on prog.

5 So This is Life

This is such a beautiful ballad, with some really striking lyrics to accompany it. It kind of has a futuristic feel to it, while still having an amazing reminiscence of the symphonic prog sound.

6 Days We'll Remember

This song I think is one for those that are more clingy to the modern sound. Not only is it a beautiful ballad but it has a very modern feel to it, while still incorporating some prog sounds to it. Definitely one for the modern listeners.

7 One So Wise

From the moment it opens you know it's going to be a good one. This song in particular kind of sounds like if Dream Theater released an album during the symphonic prog era. If only they did songs like that! Back to this tune, my favorite part has to be the bass part. You can really hear it come together with the rest of the song, and that is absolutely amazing.

8 What Becomes of Me

The bass really does carry this song from beginning to end. I couldn't find myself really heari the rest of the tune at first because of how amazing that bass was, but listening later had me realizing how amazing everything was about this.

9 Box of Spiders

Another instrumental tune, this kind of sounds like what would happen if a prog band wrote music for a horror movie. I like its transitioning through the different odd chord progressions, which defitinely lends itself well for the prog sound.

10 Beginnings

Another very adventurous song on the album, accompanied by an epic guitar solo. Great 7 minutes of pure symphonic prog sounds, mixed in beautifully with a more modern twist. Of course, this was a recurring thing throughout the album, so it's no surprise how great Beginnings sounds.

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