Top Ten Songs from Spongebozz's "Started from the Bottom / Krabbenkoke Tape"


The Top Ten

1 Started From the Bottom

Even if you don't understand German and are not that much into hip hop... please listen to this and "Apocalyptic Infinity". This is not music anymore, this is a full blown Hollywood blockbuster movie (the songs last 9 minutes and 18:30 minutes respectively). - Martin_Canine

2 Apocalyptic Infinity

The album was released on June 9th 2017... now it's the 14th. And I have not heard one other song than the music on this double album since then. Could it be... could it really be... that SpongeBozz (and his amazing producer Digital Drama) has created a record that dethroned Kollegah's "King" as my favorite German rap album? That just CAN'T be! "King" is a genre milestone! - Martin_Canine

3 Krabbenkoke
4 A.C.A.B. II
5 Yellow Bar Mitzvah
6 Centurion Card
7 Zlatan Ibrahimovic
8 Machinegunflows
9 Scarface
10 1%er

The Contenders

11 El Chapo
12 Rolex O. Handschelle
13 La Familia

For some reason, several of the audio samples are instrumental versions of the actual songs. Those can be found on two bonus discs of the deluxe box edition. But the actual double album contains a lot more rapping. - Martin_Canine

14 Bluff Millimet
15 Rhythm is a Gangster
16 Wory W Sakone
17 Hype is Real
18 Moonrocks
19 Now We Here
20 Blow
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