Best Songs from Static-X's Wisconsin Death Trip

*R.I.P. WAYNE STATIC* Wisconsin Death Trip was Static-X's debut album, and arguably, their best.

The Top Ten

1 Push It Push It
2 I'm With Stupid I'm With Stupid
3 Bled for Days Bled for Days
4 Fix
5 I Am
6 Otsegolation
7 Love Dump
8 The Trance Is the Motion
9 Wisconsin Death Trip
10 Sweat of the Bud

The Contenders

11 Stem
12 December

Such a sad song - TheMETALgiant

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Top Remixes

1. Push It
2. Fix
3. I'm With Stupid
1. I'm With Stupid
2. Push It
3. Bled for Days


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