Top 10 Songs on Stormtroopers of Death's Bigger Than the Devil


The Top Ten

1 Seasoning the Obese Seasoning the Obese

It seems like a parody of Seasons In The Abyss at first glance, but it’s really not at all. It’s still awesome, though.

2 Bigger Than the Devil
3 Shenanigans
4 Kill the Assholes
5 Moment of Truth
6 Raise Your Sword
7 We All Bleed Red
8 Aren't You Hungry?
9 King at the King / Evil Is In
10 Free Dirty Needles

The Contenders

11 Black War
12 Skool Bus
13 Charlie Don't Cheat
14 The Crackhead Song
15 Celtic Frosted Flakes
16 Xerox
17 The Song that Don't Go Fast
18 L.A.T.K.C.H. (Limp Against the Korn Chamber Head)
19 Every Tiny Molecule
20 Monkeys Rule
21 Ballad of the Scorpions
22 Ballad of Phil H.
23 Ballad of Michael H.
24 Frankenstein and His Horse
25 Fugu
26 Dog on the Tracks
27 Make Room, Make Room
28 Noise That's What
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