Top Ten Songs From Stukas Over Disneyland Album by The Dickies

The Dickies (1977 - Present) are a first wave Los Angeles punk band. The Dickies are corky, campy, humorous and fun.They have great, fun live shows. Stukas Over Disneyland is The Dickies 3rd full length studio album released in 1983.

Note: This list is based on the Reckless Records re-issue due to the original release having only 8 songs.

The Top Ten

Wagon Train

Song is a tribute/dedication to guitarist/keyboardist/saxophonist Chuck Wagon (aka Bob Davis) who committed suicide in June 1981. This song has a bit of a psychobilly/cow-punk sound to it. - THC13

Pretty Please Me

The Quick cover - THC13

I'm OK, You're OK
She's a Hunchback
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
If Stuart Could Talk
Bedrock Barney
Communication Breakdown

Led Zeppelin cover. - THC13

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