Best Songs From Sum 41's Chuck

What's the best song from Sum 41's third album Chuck?

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1 Pieces

I am not a fan of sum 41 but this song is ok the rest of sum 41 I can't stand but they are better than blink 182

Just simple beauty, really stirs emotions.

This is the most beautiful song ever.

2 No Reason
3 Some Say
4 We're All to Blame

Indeed the song does contain the words sacrifice, and yes it does please ones ears.

Listened to this song for about 60 times it's so great

SACRIFICE! - Th3Zm0nst3r

5 There's No Solution
6 88

This and were all to blame I'm with him

This and were all to blame

Yes. This & were all to blame are the best.

7 Open Your Eyes
8 Angels With Dirty Faces
9 The Bitter End

Nice cover of Battery by Metallica... wait, are you telling me this is NOT a cover?

10 I'm Not the One

How is this not higher on the list?

The Contenders

11 Noots
12 Welcome to Hell
13 Subject to Change
14 Slipping Away
15 Moron
16 Intro
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1. Angels With Dirty Faces
2. Welcome to Hell
3. The Bitter End
1. There's No Solution
2. No Reason
3. Some Say
1. Some Say
2. We're All to Blame
3. Pieces

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