Best Songs from Swans' Holy Money

Holy Money is the fourth studio album by American experimental rock band Swans. It was released in March 1986, through record label K.422. The album was recorded in the same sessions as " Time Is Money (Bastard), A Screw and Greed.

The Top Ten

1 A Hanging

The backing vocals from Jarboe sound a lot like a gospel choir, making the slow moaning of the lead vocals even more harrowing. The tribal sound of the drumming near the end is also extremely cool and eerie. - kempokid

This garbage

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2 Coward

This song is really unsettling, with the vocals in the front of the mix simply uttering a variety of offputting phrases, such as "I'm worthless". I really love how once again, the isolation of the instruments translates so well into giving the listener a feeling of isolation as well, tying in with the whole general feel of the album. - kempokid

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3 Money Is Flesh (# 2)

I can't tell what the differences between this and the first version of the song are, but I do love this song nonetheless, still with that amazingly heavy industrial beat and great vocal line, having that angry tone to it reminiscient of Filth. - kempokid

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4 A Screw (Holy Money)

I really like the beat that the song has, with slow, eerie chanting throughout over a really interesting beat. The song, while still being unquestionably nasty and heavy, is much more palatable compared to the majority of the album. - kempokid

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5 Fool (# 2)

I'm nowhere near as keen on this as the first version of the song, as I really loved the lack of percussion in that, as it gave some seriously impressive moments of atmosphere. That said, Michael Gira singing "I cut off my right hand and stand in your shadow" still sounds just as haunting as ever. - kempokid

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6 Another You

The long, droning screeches of the guitar and various noises throughout each sustained note build a tense atmosphere. I find it to be one of the less interesting pieces here, but nonetheless an incredible one. - kempokid

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7 You Need Me

The vocals are really offputting, being quite weak and fragile sounding, with the only instrumentation taking place being isolated piano chords, producing an extremely creepy, unpleasant tone. - kempokid

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