Antares Review:

Nonpointed Here comes another review. Sorry about whatever delay I had. This album is Antares, the second studio album by the Swiss metal band Sybreed. A wonderfully atmosphere and spacey album that is very enjoyable. The cybernetic and electronic feel is what makes me like this album a lot.

1. Emma-0
Pros: The build-up to the guitar, then the electronic outro. The chorus is wonderful and the guitar riff is great.
Cons: Gets eclipsed by the later songs rather easily.

2. Ego Bypass Generator
Pros: The drumming. OH GOD THE DRUMMING. It is outstanding, especially in the pre-chorus and the bridge. Almost everything else about the song is great too. Also "No reason to try to understand".
Cons: Offensive lyrics

3. Revive My Wounds
Pros: First guitar riff is amazing, breakdown at the bridge, which later goes to the outro as well is aggressive. Segues into Isolate well.
Cons: Chorus is actually a bit lame.

4. Isolate
Pros: Absolutely everything. The chiming bells at the start, with electronica followed by the hard guitar, providing up to three distinct guitar riffs in this one. Ben's clean vocals really shine in this song. He doesn't do the harsh vocals all that much here but they are done pretty well. Chorus is breathtaking, then you get to the entire bridge part which just sways you on. The outro is one that leaves you in the mist.
Cons: NONE

5. Dynamic
Pros: Dynamic indeed. A song that is hard-hitting almost all the way through, with a number of guitar riffs and sick drumlines all throughout. Very aggressive chorus. But again, Ben's clean part, which is the final half of the song, is where it all shines. Another swaying outro that contrasts nicely with the heavy other half. A song that definitely grew on me.
Cons: It's probably a song that won't be liked on first listen, especially if you get bored during the harsh vocal part. At least it's a song that gets better.

6: Neurodrive
Pros: Not a whole lot to note. I imagine that every member of the band did a good job overall with it. Good chorus, even though it only appears twice within the song.
Cons: Very forgettable song

7: Ex-Inferis
Pros: Atmospheric instrumental
Cons: I'm not gonna really rate this actually.

8: Permafrost
Pros: Finally a truly harsh metal song. A very cold (get it?) song with some really meaty lyrics. Once again, the guitars are the driving force for this one. The incredibly powerful opening riff is wonderful, as is the bridge one. The pre-choruses are the absolute best part. Also Ben's vocals at the end hit a really long scream. Absolutely killer.
Cons: Too bad the choruses themselves sound a bit whiney with the cleans here. The other pros save this song a perfect rating.

9: Orbital
Pros: The cybernetic drive. This one has a killer bass riff between verses. One of the more atmospheric tracks on the whole album.
Cons: The vocals in the chorus are really bad. Not a whole lot of metal vibes either.

10: Twelve Megatons Gravity
Pros: A very heavy metal and cybernetic fusion. A song that will not let up at all. Guaranteed headbanging here. I like the more moody vocals in the track as usual (they aren't exactly clean though).
Cons: Bit of ending fatigue going on here.

11: Ethernity
Pros: A nine minute closer that is truly atmospheric and cybernetic. No metal sound here at all, it instead just slowly sways the listener in an existential journey. Almost philosophical if you will.
Cons: This is the least metal track on the album. Of course, that's sort of a plus given they were going for a more atmospheric closer. Also, again a bit of ending fatigue with this one.

And now bonus time.

12: Technocracy (song is available as a Japanese bonus track)
Pros: Got that catchy beat to it in the beginning, keeps it up throughout the song. The verses show some goodness in the harsh vocals. The whole outro is worthwhile to listen to.
Cons: Chorus is only okay at best.

13: Plasmaterial (song is available as a North American bonus track)
Pros: An engaging beginning, and becomes a rather slow track overall. Another ethereal-sounding bridge, and another swaying song.
Cons: Really there aren't any at all.

Overall: 106/120 An atmospheric, cybernetic metal album worth listening to. Almost every song is worth listening to in some way and only one of them I really don't remember much.
Song rankings:
1. Isolate
2. Dynamic
3. Permafrost
4. Plasmaterial
5. Ego Bypass Generator
6. Ethernity
7. Technocracy
8. Twelve Megatons Gravity
9. Revive My Wounds
10. Emma-0
11. Orbital
12. Neurodrive