Best Songs on Symphony X's Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is the7th studio album by progressive power metal band Symphony X, the album was released in 2007 and was a success being the first Symphony X album to chart on Billboard 200 at 123 and reaching number 1 on billboard's heatseekers.

The Top Ten

1 Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia)

The longest track on the album at 9 minutes and it's the best of the album if you ask me, - christangrant

2 Set the World On Fire (The Lie of Lies)

This is my personal favorite Symphony X album, it may not have a 20 minute epic but it doesn't need one when it has a lot of great songs on it like this one. - christangrant

3 The Walls of Babylon

I really like one of the riffs in this song - christangrant

4 Eve of Seduction
5 Domination

This track has a cool Bass intro - christangrant

Yes, it's known for the bass intro. - Metal_Treasure

It feels like an amped up version of Sea Of Lies in parts. - kempokid

MY DOMINATION! - Nonpointed

6 Seven

There are two things that are ironic about this song:

1. The track is 7 minutes long
2. It's the 8th track on the album - christangrant

7 Paradise Lost

This track is a good title track it's a softer song which is why I assume it's higher on the list of Best Symphony X songs over the other songs from this album I like it but I prefer 6 other tracks over this one because I prefer heavier songs. - christangrant

8 The Serpent's Kiss
9 The Sacrifice
10 Oculus Ex Inferni
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