Best Songs From System of a Down's Self-Titled Album

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1 Sugar

Best song on here.

Best song by System of a Down should be #1

One of the best System of a Down songs in general and the best on this album.

Should be one!

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2 Spiders

It sounds liek forty sex in two by thul band

This is an amazing song. This is definitely one of my favorite songs on this album.

the greatest song in history period.

3 P.L.U.C.K.

This is dedicated to the Genocide, please vote for support - spiderskull98

One of my favorite songs by them.

4 War?

Good but very underrated...

Underrated song. Very powerful lyrics

My personal favourite from the album. To me it has more heaviness than the other songs (P.L.U.C.K. May be an exception)

5 Peephole

12th PLACE?! This song should easily be in the top 5. My favorite song on this album, only behind Suite-Pee and Sugar.

6 Soil

Don't you... Realize... Evil... is just so brutal

hello? best solo in this album... even a drum solo... extreme speed... NUMBER 11!?

This album has so many beyond amazing songs but this one takes it. DDevil, War, Know and Sugar are next

7 Suite-Pee

It might be unholy, but you got to admit, everything else about it is cool, lyrics don't matter that much.

Suite-Pee is in my opinion badass. Should be in the top five!

My second favorite song on the album. Should at least be in the Top 5, let alone the Top 3.

8 Suggestions

Should be higher - Soader36

This one probably has Serj's most powerful vocals.

9 Darts

<3 Love this song the best ever! CLock men, for they wil... FAIL!

10 Know

I like this song a lot. One of the stronger songs on this album.

for sure

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11 DDevil

This song is the best on the album other than sugar and maybe suite pee. It should be way higher

12 Cubert
13 Marmalade

One of my all-time favorite songs by System of a Down.

The guitar is so infectious! Lyrics are wonderfully dark.

14 Mind

This is their longest song, even longer than Aerials. Epic song

Even though this isn't my favorite, I can't believe it's the second worst. This song is VERY underrated.

Longest song by System of a Down what the funk people

15 Storaged
16 The Metro
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