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1 Chop Suey! Chop Suey!

Beyond doubt their best song, not only on this album: I mean overall! - Flav

One of their best songs ever! I love it!

Amazing song it gives me goosebumps and my dopamine level increases whenever I listen to this song especially when the last part is running and such a meaningful and emotional song I literally cry... When angels deserve to die... ! M/m/

Classic, very popular, but not number one.

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2 Toxicity Toxicity

Chop Suey! is really the most epic coolest song ever made but the lyrics aren't so great, so I will have to go with Toxicity. Toxicity has some of the coolest drums I've ever heard, along with a slow, simple guitar verse that just sounds so amazing. Then when it gets to the chorus, it has that great hard rock feel; therefore m conclusion is that it is in the top 3 SOAD songs along with Chop Suey!, and B. Y. O. B. because it is the perfect combination of slow and fast. The instrumentals are amazing and Serj Tankian does a great job too. - moose4life19

This song is fricken awesome, love the drumming. - dragon13304

every band member does a fantastic job playing this song - CaptainComedy17

Love playing drums to this song!

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3 Aerials Aerials

This song is so awesome and I think its as good as Chop Suey, just because it is so underrated and Chop Suey is becoming overrated, much like Nirvanas Smells Like Teen Spirit - Danielsun182

Take all the love Chop Suey! Gets and give it to this song. Chop Suey! Is good, but this song is a masterpiece. Easily the best Toxicity song, and probably the best System of a Down song ever. - Meko750

it is good because soad is a very good band and you people are all stupid idiots because deer dance is not that good and slipknot sucks compared to soad as does Avenged Sevefold

This is one of their best ever songs. - moose4life19

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4 Prison Song Prison Song

They try to build a prison up your ass! - Uvilla123

This should be a little bit higher, honestly...

This is my favorite song in my opinion.

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5 A.T.W.A. A.T.W.A.

This one is in my top 5 best System of a Down songs. It's my second favorite on this album (only behind the song Toxicity)

My favorite. Beautiful and awesome growl

Undeniably a great song, but it doesn't deserve #5. WHERE IS SHIMMY?!?

6 Deer Dance Deer Dance

This is a great song, and I don't dought its not #1 though...

I want to see deer's dancing!

great intro! great mandolin! - rock2metal

Definitely deer dance and psycho

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7 Forest Forest

This isn't my favorite song on Toxicity, but it is an amazing song that should be higher than it is.

Serj's vocals really shine here

This song definitely kicks Deer Dance, Aerials, Prison Song and Toxicity's ass!

Great song. all I have to say.

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8 Needles Needles

"Pull the tapeworm out of your ass, hey! "

Awesome song! This and Psycho Should be higher.

It's a great song. It should be slightly higher on here.

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9 Psycho Psycho

My favorite on toxicity along with chop suey... - ImagineACoolUsernameHere

This song sounds a lot like chop suey. I don't know why it is not as popular.

My God! This should be number one, and Shimmy and Science should be 2 and 3. Awesome bass, insane drumming, this is awesome. Tozixity and chop suye are good, but not this good

10 Science Science

Shame on all of you who came to this list and didn't put this up

Love that part in the middle with the high singing in it.

This song and shimmy are both amazing songs

Yeah, shame on on all you.

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11 Shimmy Shimmy

Again, not my favorite song on Toxicity, but I like it better than #3-#12 on this list.

This song should definitely be higher. it shouldn't b all the way down here at number 14 with this song that isn't even on toxicity.

Shimmy and science are really good when you listen to them together. they were meant for each other.

12 Bounce Bounce

Not number one, but it's still hilarious

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13 X X

Very good song, very short and simple, great drumming from john dolmayan.

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14 Jet Pilot Jet Pilot

Wired threw the eyes of a horse on a jet piolet!

One of their most hardcore songs

15 Johnny
16 Arto Arto
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