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1 Getaway Car

Glorious 1980s synths and big beats combined with Taylor's enchanting country-style lyrics and gorgeous tone reflects her amazing journey and progress through music. It highlights her as a mature and truly beautiful musician. Not just the best song on reputation, this may be (dare I say) the song of her career.

This album is seriously underrated. Not every song is that good, but a lot of them still are. But Getaway Car takes the cake for best song of the album. Needs to be the next single. - Lanturnizer6

Never thought that this song is so good. This song deserves to be release as next single because this song has become favourite song from reputation among Swiftie plus I feel Out Of the Woods vibes. - BeaM456

I read your reply about her making trashy pop music. How about trashy singles? This could've been a single LONG time ago. Not Ready For It and Look What You Made Me Do. - MissRWBY202

Getaway car is amazing

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2 Call It What You Want

"My baby's fly like a jet stream
High above the whole scene
Loves me like I'm brand new"

No doubt best in this album. Delicate new years day getaway car is also #1 worthy

Is cool and th - Joaopuffle1

100 % man. This is one of the most purest songs ever.

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3 Delicate

Is it chill that this song is constantly in my head?

Isn't? Delicate! - Joaopuffle1

So many 1989-like sounds, such a meaning, definitely worth it

I absolutely love this song, and I love Taylor Swift!

4 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Awesome song

5 I Did Something Bad

It was either this one or getaway car, delicate, look what you made me do, new years day, don't blame me or ready for it or gorgeous. I love reputation! And this song has really good vocals I can totally imagine a video for this song!

Such creativity. This song sounds like nothing Taylor has ever produced before. Very different, and well worth the risk of moving away from her conventional music. GIVE US A VIDEO TAYLOR!

I had strong Melanie vibes in here

This song deserves everything oh my lord

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6 Don't Blame Me

Don't blame me love made me crazy

7 Dancing with Our Hands Tied

Best one ever

The song's amazing. Don't understand why people dislike it. Who cares about the haters anyway, they can rot in hell!

One of the best love songs in the album are you guys crazy it has to be number 1

Such a good song and I always listen to it when I need to

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8 New Year's Day

Literal tears. - Ub8

I understand how you feel. You are crying because it is so bad for Taylor Swift. - bchiarelli15

So much emotion. So much simple musical beauty. Such beautiful, powerful lines.

9 So It Goes...

Why is this not number 1 - UltimateCraig

This is so underrated, but its GOLD

Great song.

10 Look What You Made Me Do

it's good


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11 End Game

Worst song on the album by far - UltimateCraig

Wow, it was my favorite off the album and people here calling it complete trash. Lol

Best collaboration ever... This should be#1..

This song is good

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12 ... Ready for It?

...Better then look what you made me do

13 Gorgeous

This song is amazing!

14 Dress

Very meaningful song

What is it doing at 15? Love this slow jam. ❤ totally top5 wprthy... ✨

15 King of My Heart

If you listen to this song, you can feel You Belong With Me vibes. - BeaM456

The more I listen to this song the more I fall in love. Its really memorable to me

Love this song. Very different fro all the other songs

This songs is totally amazing! Especially since it was written for her bae, Joe Alwyn

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1. Getaway Car
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1. Getaway Car
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3. New Year's Day

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