Top 10 Songs from Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

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1 Red

Many people could relate to this song

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2 Come and Get It

This is my favorite song by Selena

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3 I Knew You Were Trouble

What the! Selena is comparing with taylor? Really? LOL

First of all this is not comparing of taylor swift and selena gomez song

How could anyone possibly compare Selena with Taylor?

Best taylor swift song

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4 Slow Down
5 You Belong With Me
6 Love Story

Clearly not many people have been on this website. If many people had, then this song would be at no. 1

This is my old, beautiful, innocent Taylor swift

7 Love You Like a Love Song
8 Who Says
9 A Year Without Rain
10 22

I love this song! It's great that she is not talking about ex boyfriends.

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11 Enchanted

Come on guys, what is in your mind? This is Taylor's best song of all time, beats out all of Selena's songs! Just these lyrics: Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you...
Come one, everyone has felt that way! THis song is excellent!

2:00 AM... Who do you love?
Obviously... THIS SONG! T. Swift Forever!

Love this song...
Taylor Swift I love you
You are very beautiful... Please come for a concert in India

12 If This Was a Movie
13 All Too Well

This is lyrically the best song between Taylor and Selena. It takes true, raw, talented songwriting skills to rival those of All Too Well. Here's a real gem from Taylor's collection, with a beautiful, haunting melody and great lyrics. Just go listen to it! One of her best songs.

14 Same Old Love
15 The Heart Wants What It Wants

A horrible song with funny voice. She was looking happy not sad.

16 Blank Space

The way shes behaving nowadays its like shes the only singer who left in music industry. huh! lol she doesn't have power voice to sing. some way selena is thousand better that this annoying girl.

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