Top Ten Songs Taylor Swift Should Make

The Top Ten Songs Taylor Swift Should Make

1 Maybe I Am the Problem

Guys, it's called "Back to December."

Listen to Back to December. Taylor actually APOLOGIZES

I punched you in the face for texting your mom
I handcuffed you to the door
You called the cops and we were no more
Maybe I am the problem? - ToptenPizza

Taylor has a song like maybe I am the problem
Your list is all wrong
She is a great singer

2 I Don't Care About Our Breakup

I wrote a song
To get money
And now I suck it up
Because I don't actually care about our breakup - ToptenPizza

When we broke up
I was depressed for 5 minutes
But it gave me inspiration to write another hit
So now I don’t care what you think
‘Cause now I’m famous and rich
I guess millions of death threats from 12 year olds that only ever hear one side of the story
Are what you get for breaking up with Tay Tay - 3DG20

3 I Only Dated You for Inspiration

Can I say the truth
The real thing
I only dated you for inspiration
I needed my next hit - ToptenPizza

When we were together
I’ve kept the truth in forever
But now is the time
It needs to be said
It was all fake
You loved me, but it was not mutual
I only dated you for inspiration for my next hit
It was nice while it lasted
But now I have to go watch my cash come pouring in
Watch my fans defend every move I do
Every relationship that ends
I could torture you alive and they’d still love me - 3DG20

4 Why Is Everything In My Album About Boys

I look back on my songs
Basically my love life
That costs 11.99
And I'm starting to realize
And I don't know why
But everything is about breakups - ToptenPizza

Yes! I so agree!

I don’t like her, but not all of her songs are about breakups or even relationships. “Ronan” for example, is about a 4 year old boy with cancer. - 3DG20

5 I'm Going to Stay Single for a While

I date a new guy way too soon
I jump from boy to boy
So I decided to be single for a while - ToptenPizza

This is the 8th time
I’ve been dumped this week
So maybe it’s time to take a break from the boys
And stay single for a while
Even though I’m sure I’ll be have at least 20 more songs by tomorrow - 3DG20

6 I Am Happy

Every one is HAPPY because of Taylor Swift

Usually I am just sad
Or usually mad
Because I broke up with a douchebag
But I am happy - ToptenPizza

7 Shake Them Off

Cause I'm going to break, break, break, break, break up
With all my boy, boy, boy, boy, boyfriends
Baby, all I do is shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake them off!
I shake them off!

8 I Don't Wanna Be In a Relationship

I date for songs
I sing for money
I don't wanna be in a relationship - ToptenPizza

I never really wanted to be in a relationship
But it’s all worth it in the end
I make massive hits and hundreds of millions of bucks
So I just stick with it - 3DG20

9 Nicki Minaj Sucks

Please! If Taylor Swift is actually reading this, PLEASE make a song about Shortie Minaj!

That would actually be a good idea... - 3DG20

I have no idea who that is? So this is fine.

How did I know this would happen? - ToptenPizza

10 Maybe There Is a Reason I Cant Make Boys Stay

Boys hate me
Because I date
For songs
Maybe there is a reason my relationships
Last a week - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 Maybe I'm Gay

I date boys
I break up with boys
So I'm going to date a girl
I'm dying to see how this one ends

Dated dozens of boys in a month
Broke up with them all
So maybe my next relationship will be with a woman
Even though I’ll probably still write an entire album of breakup songs when it’s over in 2 days - 3DG20

I date boys
I break up with boys
Maybe I'm gay
So I'm going to date a girl
Let's see how this one ends

12 I'm an Irritating Discordant Hoe

Wouldn't be so catchy. - ToptenPizza

13 25 Seconds

For Joe.

14 Proud to Be a Girl

Men always underrate
They think we are delicate
But I, I, I
Am proud to be a girl.

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