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1 Maybe I Am the Problem

Guys, it's called "Back to December."

Listen to Back to December. Taylor actually APOLOGIZES

I punched you in the face for texting your mom
I handcuffed you to the door
You called the cops and we were no more
Maybe I am the problem? - ToptenPizza

2 I Don't Care About Our Breakup

I wrote a song
To get money
And now I suck it up
Because I don't actually care about our breakup - ToptenPizza

3 I Only Dated You for Inspiration

Can I say the truth
The real thing
I only dated you for inspiration
I needed my next hit - ToptenPizza

4 Why Is Everything In My Album About Boys

Listen to "Ronan" and maybe you'll retract the statement that she only sings about relationships. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I look back on my songs
Basically my love life
That costs 11.99
And I'm starting to realize
And I don't know why
But everything is about breakups - ToptenPizza

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5 I'm Going to Stay Single for a While

I date a new guy way too soon
I jump from boy to boy
So I decided to be single for a while - ToptenPizza

6 I Am Happy

Every one is HAPPY because of Taylor Swift

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7 Shake Them Off

Cause I'm going to break, break, break, break, break up
With all my boy, boy, boy, boy, boyfriends
Baby, all I do is shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake them off!
I shake them off!

8 I Don't Wanna Be In a Relationship V 1 Comment
9 Maybe There Is a Reason I Cant Make Boys Stay

Boys hate me
Because I date
For songs
Maybe there is a reason my relationships
Last a week - ToptenPizza

10 Nicki Minaj Sucks

I have no idea who that is? So this is fine.

How did I know this would happen? - ToptenPizza

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11 I'm an Irritating Discordant Hoe V 1 Comment
12 Maybe I'm Gay

I date boys
I break up with boys
So I'm going to date a girl
I'm dying to see how this one ends

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