Best Songs On Tech N9ne's All 6's and 7's

Tech N9ne is a very unique and underrated rapper. This is my new favorite album besides The Marshall Mathers Lp.

The Top Ten

1 Worldwide Choppers

In my opinion, one of the greatest rap songs of all time. - gelatinbeastworm

2 Am I a Psycho?

I think I'm a Psycho...

3 He's a Mental Giant

Masterpiece. Only Tech could spit these verses. - Basecube

4 If I Could

Chino Moreno and Stephen Carpenter did a great job on this song. - gelatinbeastworm

5 Love Me Tomorrow

So beautiful
This one touched me
Tech don't need to wait till tomorrow,I love him everyday!

6 F*** Food
7 I Love Music
8 Delusional

This has such a damn good hook

9 Promiseland
10 Technicians

How come no one knows how good this track is
This dubstep mixed with hip hop with a really catchy hook and rapid fire rhymes especially the third verse
Among all the songs on the album,i say this is the best after Worldwide Choppers and He's A Mental Giant
Please put this in the top three at least!

This is the best song after Worldwide Choppers on this album
The dubstep beat is dope and his flow,oh,don't get me started about his flow
It is one of the best I ever heard of him!
The hook is probably the best on this entire album,seriously even better than the Delusional hook
I listen to the entire album once and I found myself singing and rapping this song to myself all day
Please put this at number two after Worldwide Choppers

The Contenders

11 Mama Nem
12 Cult Leader
13 Strangeland
14 So Lonely

This song is ill and is way too low on his list - JCchrom3

15 The Boogieman
16 Military
17 Pornographic
18 You Owe Like Pookie
19 Overtime
20 The Pledge
21 We Miss You Man Man
22 Call from Richie
23 Call from KC Poet Camile
24 Angry Caller
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1. He's a Mental Giant
2. Strangeland
3. I Love Music
1. Worldwide Choppers
2. Am I a Psycho?
3. F*** Food
1. Worldwide Choppers
2. Am I a Psycho?
3. If I Could


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