Top Ten Best Songs from Tech N9ne's Special Effects

Rap album of the year in my opinion. Vote for your favorite song off of it!

The Top Ten

1 Speedom

Slim kills it

All about KALI BABY!

2 Wither

Both Corey and tech kill it

My favorite metal vocalist plus my favorite rapper equals this song, and I wasnt disappointed
Maggots and Technicians UNITE!

Dopest song

3 A Certain Comfort
4 Psycho Bitch III

Hopsin absolutely kills it
Tech N9ne and Hopsin combo never goes wrong

5 Life Sentences
6 Aw Yeah? (Intervention)

This one is a masterpiece - Basecube

7 Hood Go Crazy

This is the only song he's ever made that I don't like - KrazzyMadd

Yes this song is my favorite techn9ne song!

8 Lacrimosa
9 Burn It Down
10 Shroud

Big tech fan this is his best song - Therealvictor

The Contenders

11 Worldly Angel

Such a raw song. Strikes me a lot. Makes me a tear up. Very powerful song.

12 On the Bible
13 No K
14 Bass Ackwards
15 Give It All
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