Best Songs On Tenth Avenue North's Cathedrals and Islands EP


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1 Just Getting By

Beautiful song and great messgae - keycha1n

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2 Stars In the Night

This would make a wonderful worship song, In my opinion! Its truly beautiful - keycha1n

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3 For Those Who Can't Speak

"27 million slaves, no plantations, 27 million slaves, all different races. This is not the picture that God painted in genesis, silence is our enemy, our voices can end it."

An extremely moving and inspiring song about human trafficking. - keycha1n

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4 Cathedrals UListen to Sample
5 All the Earth Is Holy Ground UListen to Sample
6 Closer

Just amazing, I love all of these songs! - keycha1n

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7 We Won't Numb the Pain UListen to Sample
8 I Need You, I Love You, I Want You
9 Heaven's Sound UListen to Sample
10 No Man Is an Island

So feel good, and really lifting! - keycha1n

Nice song just make a try - paasadani

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11 The Spark UListen to Sample
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1. Just Getting By
2. For Those Who Can't Speak
3. Cathedrals
1. I Need You, I Love You, I Want You
2. We Won't Numb the Pain
3. Stars In the Night


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