Best Songs from Thank You Scientist's Stranger Heads Prevail

Stranger Heads Prevail is the second album by progressive rock band Thank You Scientist. It was released on July 29, 2016 under the label of Evil Ink Records.

The Top Ten

Psychopomp Psychopomp Cover Art

Absolutely my favourite song on the album, the riffs are near perfection in particular sections, especially the bridge right before the chorus, which I find to be amazing. The creepy dialogue at the end is also kinda cool. - kempokid

Mr. Invisible Mr. Invisible Cover Art

I really love the danceable nature of the song, and especially the main, driving beat, backed up by some extremely funky instrumentation. The violins used in the more heartfelt, emotional sections is also incredible. - kempokid

Blue Automatic Blue Automatic Cover Art

I greatly enjoy the vocal melodies here, especially of the first 30 seconds or so. The orchestrations are at some of their absolute best here, and really bring this song to amazing heights, along with a couple of rhythmic elements that could be found in djent, giving the song something else quite unique about it. - kempokid

The Amateur Arsonist's Handbook The Amateur Arsonist's Handbook Cover Art

While a great deal of this song sounds generally great, similar to a Coheed and Cambria song, the violin solo in it was absolutely amazing, and definitely elevates this song a lot. Then the final 20 seconds makes sure to finish off the song in an amazing way. - kempokid

Caverns Caverns Cover Art

The backing instrumentals during the verses sound extremely cool, having a strong bassline, and good use of clarinet. I love the more subtle sounding horn sections, as they really add a lot of depth to the song without drawing attention away from other elements. The guitar solo is also a nice touch. - kempokid

Need More Input Need More Input Cover Art

The transition from the soft intro to the more bombastic sections of the song are amazing and do not fail to put a smile on my face. Even with this, the song still feels considerably more mellow compared the rest of the album, providing a nice break from the near wall of sound that some of the previous songs approached. - kempokid

A Wolf in Cheap Clothing A Wolf in Cheap Clothing Cover Art

While I find the chorus to be absolutely amazing, with perfect orchestrations to back up the exceptionally powerful melody, I do find certain sections to be somewhat less memorable. I find it doesn't matter too much in this case though, as these less memorable sections are still great, just not quite as amazing as the chorus. - kempokid

The Somnambulist The Somnambulist Cover Art

The staccato of the horns sounds exceptional, creating a really cool sound due to the combination of them and the guitar. I find the chorus to be extremely good, as it is a good display of Salvatore's vocal ability, and has a great melody. - kempokid

Rube Goldberg Variations Rube Goldberg Variations Cover Art

An amazing instrumental piece that gives a variety of instruments their time to shine, especially the percussion, with some exceptional drum fills scattered throughout. - kempokid

Prologue... A Faint Applause Prologue... A Faint Applause Cover Art

The vocal harmonies used are astounding, and the song is extremely dense and in depth for a two minute introductory track. - kempokid

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