Top 10 Songs That'd Be Wildly Controversial Today for Their Politically Incorrect Lyrics

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1 Money for Nothing - Dire Straits Money for Nothing - Dire Straits Cover Art

Circa 2010 this song was even banned in Canada for these lyrics:
"See the little f****t with the earring and the make-up
Yeah buddy that's his own hair
That little f****t got his own jet airplane
That little f****t he's a millionaire"
(I guess the song isn't on their Greatest Hits collection because of the controversy)

Maybe they should have said "poofter" instead.

It's astounding that this line isn't from an oldschool hip hop song.

2 Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones Cover Art

"Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields / Sold in the market down in New Orleans / Scarred old slaver knows he's doing alright / Hear him whip the women just around midnight."
(misogyny, racism and outright references to raping slaves. Mick Jagger himself changes the words when he performs the song live).

They're not promoting slavery, they're just describing it. Seriously, why do people get offended by these topics so easily?

Is this song glorifying this, or is he just describing the scenery? I don't know the context of the song.

I'm amazed this one still gets so much airplay. Killer riff but disgusting lyrics.

3 One In a Million - Guns N' Roses One In a Million - Guns N' Roses Cover Art

I think this song was already deemed controversial to begin with. I remember reading that they got dropped from the lineup for an AIDS-related benefit concert because of the song.

“Immigrants and f****ts, they make no sense to me / They come to our country and think they’ll do as they please"

This line on the other hand is pure crap. Then again, I'm neither American nor straight.

A lot of people would think this is racist.

4 Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed Cover Art

Not just Holly Woodlawn, but Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis, both of whom were also transwomen, were mentioned. But "and the colored girls go..." would probably be the most controversial line.

There's a reference to Holly Woodlawn, a transgender actress:
"Holly came from Miami, F-L-A / Hitchhiked her way across the USA / Plucked her eyebrows on the way / Shaved her legs and then he was a she"

I don't think this was in any way meant to be negatively as Lou Reed was bisexual. He just namedrops her and celebrates her lifestyle.

I hate this song anyways

5 Island Girl - Elton John Island Girl - Elton John Cover Art

It's an ode to a New York City prostitute who's "black as coal but she burn like a fire".
"Island girl, what you wanting with the white man's world / Island girl, black boy want you in his island world"

6 He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss) - The Crystals He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss) - The Crystals Cover Art

Difficult. When I included "Love on the Brain" on my best of 2016 list, I knew the song dealt with contradicting feelings of being abused and still loving the man, and the song was written and performed by a victim. This here... was made by a third party and also doesn't do much to create an inner conflict. It's basically just saying "hooray, my boyfriend beat me, and that's the greatest thing ever! ". Whether that's intentionally or not, it's horribly executed.

I looked it up and it was intended to be mocking the mentality. The message was ruined because the record company wanted them to sing it like they meant it.

Today this songs sounds like a domestic abuse approval:
"He hit me and it felt like a kiss / he hit me and I knew he loved me"
(the song was inspired by the tragic true-life story of singer Little ever, who told them that her boyfriend's beatings were motivated by love. Hmm...)

7 When I Kissed the Teacher - ABBA When I Kissed the Teacher - ABBA Cover Art

Agnetha's belting is awesome and powerful in this song. I love singers who can belt like that. Hands down.
The lyrics? Yes, they would be perceived as controversial today:
"I was in the seventh heaven when I kissed the teacher
One of these days
Gonna tell him I dream of him every night"

8 Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) - Rod Stewart Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) - Rod Stewart Cover Art

I don't get what's so wrong about this either. It's a line about having sex for the first time. If you mean the "don't say a word" line sounds like "don't struggle, I know you want it, and no means yes"... it doesn't. What it means is "just don't listen to what the conservative people who think that sex before marriage is horrible say, and give in to the feelings you naturally have".
I somehow have the feeling that sexual lyrics are generally seen as politically incorrect these days. Ten years ago, the consensus was "sex is normal and positive".

"Don't say a word, my virgin child, just let your inhibitions run wild"
(in the video Rod Stewart woos a young woman and leads her up to his bedroom before she says in French, "I'm a little scared. What is my mother going to say? ")

9 Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones Cover Art

Maybe that's just my non-native speaker English, but I have no idea what he's talking about. Like... he has a woman and a dog under his... finger?

"Under my thumb, the squirmin' dog who's just had her day / Under my thumb, a girl who has just changed her ways."

10 Rape Me - Nirvana Rape Me - Nirvana Cover Art

Just because it has the word "rape" in the title and in the lyrics doesn't mean that it's glorifying it. Ironically, this is actually meant to be an anti-rape song.

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11 Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas Cover Art

"There was funky Billy Chin and little Sammy Chung / He said 'Here comes the big boss, let's get it on.' "

12 Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen Cover Art
13 My Sharona - The Knack My Sharona - The Knack Cover Art
14 Too Drunk to F*** - Dead Kennedys Too Drunk to F*** - Dead Kennedys Cover Art
15 Used to Love Her - Guns N' Roses Used to Love Her - Guns N' Roses Cover Art
16 Stray Cat Blues - The Rolling Stones Stray Cat Blues - The Rolling Stones Cover Art
17 Killing an Arab - The Cure Killing an Arab - The Cure Cover Art
18 Short People - Randy Newman Short People - Randy Newman Cover Art

Because of the lyrics
It's a song about people who hate on people for no reason, not controversial

19 My Name Is - Eminem My Name Is - Eminem Cover Art

What makes me very sad is that artists like Eminem or Marilyn Manson fought for the discussion about fiction and reality in music, and for years, people agreed that such music is an artistic expression - and now, 20 years later we're back at the same stupid standards that artists aren't allowed to be edgy.

20 Chocolate Salty Balls - Isaac Hayes
21 Rock N Roll N***er - Patti Smith Rock N Roll N***er - Patti Smith Cover Art
22 You're Sixteen - Ringo Starr You're Sixteen - Ringo Starr Cover Art
23 Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac Cover Art
24 I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles Cover Art

'Well she was just seventeen, and you know what I mean...'- Actually, Paul I don't know what you mean. What are you saying here, you dirty bird? Yeah, that lyric hasn't aged well.

25 Closer - Nine Inch Nails Closer - Nine Inch Nails Cover Art
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