Best Songs from In This Moment's Black Widow


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1 The Fighter

One of their most powerful songs and perhaps the best song on this album, along with Bones, Sick Like Me, and Natural Born Sinner - BIoodQueen

2 Dirty Pretty
3 Sex Metal Barbie UListen to Sample
4 Big Bad Wolf UListen to Sample
5 Out of Hell
6 Sick Like Me UListen to Sample
7 Black Widow
8 Natural Born Sinner
9 Rib Cage
10 Bones

The Contenders

11 Bloody Creature Poster Girl UListen to Sample
12 Sexual Hallucination
13 Into the Darkness UListen to Sample
14 Turn You
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1. Sick Like Me
2. Bones
3. Rib Cage
1. The Fighter
2. Dirty Pretty
3. Sex Metal Barbie
1. Dirty Pretty
2. The Fighter
3. Black Widow

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