Best Songs From In This Moment's The Dream

This is definitely their best album, but which song is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Into the Light UListen to Sample
2 Violet Skies UListen to Sample
3 You Always Believed UListen to Sample
4 Sailing Away
5 Mechanical Love UListen to Sample
6 Lost at Sea UListen to Sample
7 All for You UListen to Sample
8 Dying Star
9 Forever UListen to Sample
10 Call Me

The Contenders

11 Her Kiss UListen to Sample
12 The Dream UListen to Sample
13 The Great Divide UListen to Sample
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1. Violet Skies
2. Into the Light
3. Mechanical Love
1. Into the Light
2. You Always Believed
3. Sailing Away
1. Into the Light
2. Sailing Away
3. Violet Skies

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