TheWriter Reviews: Thousand Foot Krutch's Exhale

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A little late with this one too *shrugs* oh well, it's here now.

Howdy doody everyone! CjWriter1997 is here, the reviewer soon to be, and I back with another album review! This one is on the newest release by Christian Rock band, Thousand Foot Krutch. It's Exhale everybody! Let's begin.

Hard rock songs that are pumping and loud. The best type of Thousand Foot Krutch music is what that is. With their previous Oxygen being too soft for most fans, Exhale makes up for it with heavy hitting rock songs that never get old. The riffs in some of the songs, just pure TFK! The album was a blast to listen to with great songs like Running Like Giants, Incomplete, Push and the epic Adrenaline.

However I do have a few complaints. One, Lifeline isn't that good. The chorus is a copy of Fallen Angel by Three Days Grace. Second, there is a few songs that sound similar to one another and become quite forgettable (I.e. The River) but the majority is just fine. Finally, there are a few moments that I feel could've been done more. Like it had more potential than that. (I.e. A Different Kind of Dynamite)

Overall Exhale was powerful and what TFK is known for but still have the abilities to being a seperate TFK album. Sure it's no Art of Breaking (my favorite by these guys) or Welcome to the Masquerade etc. But it us up there. Probably 4th best in my opinion.

My rating of this album is a pumped up 4/5.


Congrats on reading this review. Your prize now is to tell me what do you guys think of this album. Do you like it? Do you " looovvvee it"? Or was it meh? Let me know please! - cjWriter1997

Oxygen:Inhale was very soft and mainly the biggest reason why it isn't acknowledged because TFK is known for that hard thing they displayed in Exhale. - visitor