Best Songs From Thousand Foot Krutch's Set It Off


The Top Ten

1 Puppet
2 Unbelievable
3 Supafly
4 Rhime Animal
5 Set It Off
6 Lift It

The most meaningful and touching track on the whole record and clear beauty in the lyrics. This deserves top 3 for sure!

7 Breather
8 When In Doubt
9 Brother John
10 Everyone Like Me

The Contenders

11 Small Town
12 Up Comes Down
13 All the Way Live
14 Sweet Unknown
15 Moment of the Day
16 The Alternative Song
17 Come Along
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Top Remixes

1. Puppet
2. Supafly
3. Unbelievable
1. Supafly
2. Unbelievable
3. Puppet
1. Puppet
2. Up Comes Down
3. When In Doubt



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