Top Ten Best Songs On the Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Soundtrack

The Top Ten Best Songs On the Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Soundtrack

1 Midlife Crisis - Faith No More
2 Whiplash - Metallica

The best song ever so epic

3 Break On Through - The Doors

The games theme song. When I hear this I know I am about to play one of my all time favorite games - Jonerman

This song was great

This a good song - trains45

4 Liberate - Disturbed

Best thug 2 song

Love all

Grieta song

5 Sweet Willy Rollbar - Melvins

One of the best in thug2 really good

6 Pain - Jimmy Eat World

It's a great song but thug 2 had the smallest list of music besides the pro skater series

Where is less than jake anyway this song is good

This should be number 1 in tony hawk underground 2 best songs

This song it's great one of the best in thug 2 offer of songs

7 The Power of Equality - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song is better

Love the voices

8 Whirlwind Pyramid - The D.O.C.

The good song in this list but where's rancid if you fall back down

Best tony hawk underground 2 song in this list

Not the best hip hop song but decent

Fun to dance to

9 Back on the Radio - The Hiss
10 No W - Ministry

One of the best songs in thug 2

The Contenders

11 1970 - Iggy & the Stooges

Love this song very good

This song was a classic

12 I Like It - Grand Puba
13 Interested in Madness - Operatic
14 Fall Back Down - Rancid
15 I Love Livin' in the City - Fear
16 Rock N Roll High School - Ramones
17 Los Angeles - X

Good song just bought it today - trains45

18 End of the World - The Living End
19 Drums of Fire - Cut Chemist
20 That's Why They Call It a Union - Less Than Jake
21 Add It Up - Violent Femmes
22 Trying to Find a Balance - Atmosphere

Should be number 1

23 Top Billin - Audio Two
24 Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

This song good, I remember listening to it over and over again as a kid on the game - trains45

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