Top Ten Songs From Tool's Lateralus

The best songs form the album Lateralus by the band Tool.

The Top Ten

1 Lateralus

Ok. Lateralus has to be the most unique and best song ever written and performed in history of music. I can hear this song all day and it would never get old, I saw tool in concert last year and lateralus live was beyond anything I could ever explain. God what a song and what a band

Listened to this with king crimson

This is one of my favorite songs and possibly the most epic song I have ever heard - CaptainComedy17

Best song of the century

2 Schism

I always liked Schism more than Lateralus.

This song brings me nostalgia. - IronSabbathPriest


3 Parabola

I always have to listen to Parabol first before it. It makes the song 10 times better with the full buildup - cjWriter1997

4 The Grudge

Quite possibly the greatest vocal angst and explosion I have ever experienced from a vocalist. Absolutely amazing.

Should be number two, ahead of Schism.


5 Ticks & Leeches

Best drumming, best lyrics, best screaming

"I hope you choke on this"

I headbang way too much on this song and scream along

6 Reflection

I love this song. Tool's best. It made me cry when I listened to it all the way through. People don't have the patience nowadays. This song has so much power and emotions. The psychological aspects of this song could fill a book. It deserves higher ranking and is INTENSELY underrated. PLEASE, PLEASE listen to it. I'm begging you. Please.

Disposition/Reflection/Triad is easily the best thing Tool has ever created. Disposition is a calming and almost spiritual sounding introduction, then Reflection opens with one the most hypnotizing drum and bass lines I've ever heard. incredible and underrated.

Don't understand why it is not in the top five tool songs of all time. This song is insanely underrated. It is more epic than lateralus and also has more meaning too.

You want to know what Tool is really about? You should listen Disposition, Reflection, and Triad and listen to it as if it were one big song. Reflection is for me the greatest piece this band has ever made, its just graundbreaking and brain blasting sound.

7 The Patient

this song is simply amazing. the part where the lyrics go "i'm still right here, giving blood, keeping faith, I'm still right here"- those lyrics give me chills every time I hear them. this is one tool song that I always think of first when I want to listen to the band's music

One of the most emotional tool songs with an incredible bridge. "I must keep reminding myself of this" one of the best moments in all Tool songs.

I love the bass on this song and it is so haunting. Maynard's performance on this song is one of his greatest.

This song heals if you let it.

8 Disposition

This is a very underrated song. One of Tool's best, it encompasses the mentality of Maynard during a much more confusing time of his life.

Disagree on the comment. I think its about the final release of all the confusion. I feel nothing but his peace while listening

9 Triad

Not the best song on this album, but it should still be higher.

This is the second best headbanging song on this album besides ticks and leeches

I headbang until permanent brain damage

This song is easily better than patien and parabol

10 Parabol

This should be played right before parabola. they are one. also very awesome transition between the songs.

The Contenders

11 Eon Blue Apocalypse
12 Faaip de Oiad
13 Mantra

A pretty cool song

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