Top 10 Best Songs On Travis Scott’s Rodeo

Rodeo by Travis Scott has got to be one of the greatest albums made when it comes to creativity and musical darkness. Here’s the top 10 tracks that really stick in a positive way after a few listens.

The Top Ten

90210 90210 Cover Art
Maria I'm Drunk Maria I'm Drunk Cover Art

In my top ten Travis songs off of the intro alone

Oh My Dis Side Oh My Dis Side Cover Art
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler Cover Art
3500 3500 Cover Art
Antidote Antidote Cover Art
Pornography Pornography Cover Art
Apple Pie Apple Pie Cover Art
Impossible Impossible Cover Art
Pray 4 Love Pray 4 Love Cover Art

The Contenders

Ok Alright Ok Alright Cover Art
Piss on Your Grave Piss on Your Grave Cover Art
Wasted Wasted Cover Art
Never Catch Me Never Catch Me Cover Art
Flying High Flying High Cover Art
I Can Tell I Can Tell Cover Art
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