Best Songs On Trivium's The Crusade


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1 This World Can't Tear Us Apart
2 Becoming the Dragon

1- Becoming The Dragon
2- Anthem (We Are The Fire)
3- Entrance Of The Conflagration
4- To The Rats
5- Unrepentant
6- Contempt Breeds Contamination
7- The Rising
8- This World Can't Tear Us Apart
9- Ignition
10- Detonation
11- The Crusade
12- Tread The Floods
13- And Sadness Will Sear
14- Broken One
15- Vengeance

3 Anthem (We Are the Fire)

Nomen est omen. This song is a real anthem

4 Unrepentant

The chorus reminds me slightly of Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter by Iron Maiden - kempokid

Well, this song is lyrically about an honor killing to a group of sisters by their father, so you're not wrong. - CrimsonShark

5 Ignition
6 The Crusade

1.The Crusade
2.Anthem (We Are The Fire)
4.To the Rats
5.This World Can't Tear Us Apart
7.The Rising
8.Becoming the Dragon
9.Contempt Breeds Contamination
10.Entrance of the Conflagration
11.And Sadness Will Sear

Truly epic showcase of incredible guitar work and drumming. - EvilAngel

An epic grand finale! Played this as a Guitar Hero 2 custom for my 360. FC'ed it a while ago, actually.

An epic finale! Played this as a Guitar Hero 2 custom for my 360. FC'ed it a while ago, actually.

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7 Entrance of the Conflagration
8 To the Rats
9 Tread the Floods
10 Broken One

The Contenders

11 The Rising
12 Detonation

This tracks rocks! Best of the album

Who voted this list? This whole thing seems backward! Detonation, Entrance of the Conflagration, and To The Rats are some of Triviums best songs!

13 Vengeance
14 Contempt Breeds Contamination
15 And Sadness Will Sear
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1. This World Can't Tear Us Apart
2. The Crusade
3. Tread the Floods
1. Anthem (We Are the Fire)
2. Unrepentant
3. Ignition
1. Entrance of the Conflagration
2. Vengeance
3. Unrepentant

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