Top Ten Best Songs On Trivium's Silence In the Snow

Silence in the Snow, the seventh studio album by Trivium.

The Top Ten

1 Until the World Goes Cold

This gotta be my favorite, along with pull me from the void and blind leading the blind. Throughout the first 10 secs of the song I kinda get a breaking Benjamin vibe. The main riff is amazing, vocals are so powerful, chorus is catchy and melodic. Not to mention Corey pulls off a badass trivium solo. Only thing that could a made this tune better is if they faded out the ending. But I'm just nit picking now - DzDeadlyy

This is THE Trivium song. Not just one of the best, but THE Trivium song. It's unbelievable. It reinvents the band. It has such melody and is so gripping, with every element sounding so ambitious and united, this is the biggest sounding and most ambitious song ever. - EvilAngel

2 Dead and Gone
3 Silence In the Snow

Never did I think another album of theirs could come joint with Ascendancy, but this manages it. Other Trivium albums there tends to be some songs that are much better than the others, but this, EVERY song is fantastic on Silence In The Snow. It has EASILY the highest number of standout songs of any of their albums, and not only is each song awesome, but they all also follow the album atmosphere, working together to create something that feels so special as soon as you get a couple of songs in. Straight away when listening to this album I could feel that special feeling, the atmosphere associated with snow, the epic vocals better than any other album of theirs and the brilliant melody. This is the band at their best. Joint best album, and right now is massively underrated. - EvilAngel

If I had my way, this song would be towards the bottom of the list. It's a great song..But there are so many standout songs on this album.
1.World goes cold
2.Pull me from the void
3.Ghost hanuting you
4.Blind leading blind
5.Cease all your fire - DzDeadlyy

4 The Ghost That's Haunting You
5 Blind Leading the Blind
6 Breathe In the Flames
7 Rise Above the Tides
8 The Darkness of My Mind
9 Pull Me from the Void

For me, this is the most enjoyable track of the album!

10 Beneath the Sun

The Contenders

11 The Thing That's Killing Me

Honestly..Almost half the songs on this album have stood at Number 1 for me for a period of time. But after the flames have settled..this song just takes it for me. Ghost that's Haunting You is right behind it. THis is a great song. doesn't deserve to be at the bottom of this list. - DzDeadlyy

12 Snofall

Great music composed by Ihsahn of Emperor.

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