Best Songs on Trivium's the Sin and the Sentence


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1 The Sin and the Sentence

1. The Sin and the Sentence
2. The Revanchist
3. Beyond Oblivion
4. Thrown Into the Fire
5. Other Worlds
6. The Heart From Your Hate
7. The Wretchedness Inside
8. Sever the Hand
9. Betrayer
10. Beauty in the Sorrow
11. Endless Night - BekoT.

1.The Sin and the Sentence
2.The Heart From Your Hate
3.Beyond Oblivion
5.The Wretchendness Inside
6.The Revanchist
7.Beauty In the Sorrow
8.Thrown Into the Fire
9.Other Worlds
10.Sever The Hand
11.Endless Night

2 Beyond Oblivion Beyond Oblivion

This song has a perfect mix of speed, tension, aggression and melody. It's the most pumping song on the album. The title track is great of course but I think that Beyond Oblivion wins this head-on-head battle. - Relicious

3 Thrown Into the Fire Thrown Into the Fire
4 Betrayer Betrayer

This song is so underrated. I love this song mostly because of the chorus. The entire song is great, but I think it's the chorus that really grabs me... it's deep and powerful and really speaks to me. The music is some of the best on the album and I think more people should appreciate this song.

5 Sever the Hand Sever the Hand

Surprised this isn't at least in the top three. Amazing thrash part, vocals, and overall song structure. Metal! - KMalik993

6 The Revanchist The Revanchist

Are you serious? This is a masterpiece. - BekoT.

1.The Revanchist
2.The Sin And The Sentence
3.Beyond Oblivion
4.The Heart From Your Hate
5.Other Worlds
6.Thrown Into The Fire
7.The Wretchedness Inside
8.Sever The Hand
9.Beauty In The Sorrow
11.Endless Night

7 The Heart from Your Hate

Alex Bent is amazing. I was a fan before but now I am a huge fan.

1.The Heart From Your Hate
2.The Sin And The Sentence
3.The Revanchist
4.Beyond Oblivion
5.Thrown Into The Fire
6.The Wretchedness Inside
7.Other Worlds
8.Sever The Hand
9.Beauty In The Sorrow
11.Endless Night

8 Other Worlds Other Worlds

Other worlds is my favourite song because I can perfectly feel the emotion/feeling, Matt really knew hit to put emotion in this song. That's amazing, maybe is no the best song if you want to head bang and hear some amazing screaming but is such an epic song and the best to me.

9 The Wretchedness Inside The Wretchedness Inside

Number 10? Should be at least in the top 5! - HysteriXxD

10 Endless Night Endless Night

Why is this last? This song's so amazing and powerful! - Kytotoxic

Why do people think this is a bad song?

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11 Beauty in the Sorrow Beauty in the Sorrow
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1. The Sin and the Sentence
2. The Revanchist
3. Other Worlds
1. Thrown Into the Fire
2. The Sin and the Sentence
3. Beyond Oblivion
1. Beyond Oblivion
2. Thrown Into the Fire
3. Betrayer

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